Friday, February 02, 2007

dear having a great day...a little hunged over but overall its been real...i walked around this architecture school in sf the other day and realized how much i miss know who you theres this cool website on diggs...i digg things do you? i digg boys with fowhawks, and ipods, and plaid stuff, and walking to abeat, and my hair, and green eyeshadow, oh!..., i started wearing my eyeshadow like i always thought jessiiiikaaaaa did but then i asked her and it was a birthmark...a radd birthmark that i this website is on diggs and it covers articles that other people digg...its in real-time...i digg that so i found out a way to place random things in wyatts car...kind of a co-vert operation...are you in? so i landed my first jump snowboarding this was fun...but then i tore my hamstring...actually, i tore it before the hurt...i walk around now like a duck...quack quack quack....its pretty hilarious...especially when you go to a dance club walking like a duck...i planted my foot and shook my shoulders...eighties music is good for that...any music is good for that if you have the right shoulders have been shaking for a number of bands these days...some of my friends and i are going to see tv on the radio in should be good shoulders will shake then... back to to you later...


Blogger jessica Van Woerkom said...

you should have written your capstone thesis that way. Dig the way you vocal your digs girl!

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad to see someone is still out going to make this my diary if no one writes....wuaaahhahahahahah

12:35 PM  

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