Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My cousin the actor

For you New Yorkers, my cousin has a movie opening there. The info is below...
He has a small part at the end, but he has been heavily involved with its production. Check it out if you can.


The opening weekend box office in New York will determine how wide and how long our film lives...please come out & support!

Buy your tix in advance!

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City Cinemas Village East Theatre / 181 Second Ave. @ 12TH Street
For tickets & show times:

Stay tuned for more info on Q&As opening weekend and about our Red Cup-Blue Cup Opening Night Party!

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Monday, October 02, 2006


Hi friends! Glad to see that the blog has been revived! Lots of exciting news these days. First, I thought I was moving to London for a while, that didn't work out. Secretly I'm relieved having a baby in the UK wasn't looking like fun. Second, because we aren't moving to London we are moving across town. We bought a house, a bright yellow house in Nashua, NH. Its awesome and considered "new" for the area. It was built in 1960 and still has some of its original quirks. Generally its in excellent shape, needs a little work - like removing the grasspaper on the walls. Yes my living and dining room look like their made of thatched roofing. Fortunately the lime green shag rugs are going. We'll be moving in November if anyone would like to come help! But if your in the Boston area and need a room we're local and will be for a while at this point. AHH I'm such a grown-up.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Best of Tucson

So being back in T-town, I thought I'd pick up a paper and check out what I've been missing. It happened to be the "best of" addition. They have a category called "best contemporary architecture". Sadly to say, the ice house loft were third place runner after is that dance building on campus that placed second.

So the winner you ask? Well, if those two fine examples of contemporary architecture did not win, then there must have been some incredible creation, some other fine example of architecture in this dust bowl that has taken the public's breath away. And indeed, if the public has voted for it, it must represent what Tucson desires to see more of in this city.
I proudly pronounce the winner as.....

the *&#@$! snake bridge over Broadway. *&#@$!
you've got to be *&#@$! kidding.

Sorry folan + paulus, but that's what the city wants.