Friday, September 29, 2006

Tucson Hmm... its still here

Well ive landed in Tucson and after a few interviews and a couple job offers have decided to hang my hat at BMG. Yes that is Meeks' dads firm. At this moment with my short stay in Tucson ,15 months, and qwest for IDP NCARB and a good place to work BMG came to the top of the pile. I have a new town home on Cherry and Glenn (West of Beyond Bread). Today I will be attending the Lecute of Marmol Radzinger at AME, where I will be that old guy who some people vaguely remember causing trouble around the building. If anyone needs a T-town infusion i have an extra bedroom and your welcome to it.



Blogger WYATT said...

Frost... the third year girls...who are now fifth year girls dont want you creeping around the building any more. Don't try that power play. Avoid the lecture my man. BNut if you do go, say hi to my man Folan for me.

3:05 PM  

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