Saturday, September 30, 2006


That's where all my photos (will be) at. Right now it's only London and Paris, but I'm working on the rest, so they'll be up soon.

Hope everyone's doin' good, and I'm glad I could do my part in helping to revive the blog. I'll be back in Tucson for turkey-day if anyone's going to be around, so maybe I'll somebody then.

Keep on keepin' on.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Tucson Hmm... its still here

Well ive landed in Tucson and after a few interviews and a couple job offers have decided to hang my hat at BMG. Yes that is Meeks' dads firm. At this moment with my short stay in Tucson ,15 months, and qwest for IDP NCARB and a good place to work BMG came to the top of the pile. I have a new town home on Cherry and Glenn (West of Beyond Bread). Today I will be attending the Lecute of Marmol Radzinger at AME, where I will be that old guy who some people vaguely remember causing trouble around the building. If anyone needs a T-town infusion i have an extra bedroom and your welcome to it.


ding dong...the blog is dead

have we all run out of creative things to say?

has the pressures of the "real world" kept us for talking trash with/about eachother?

I will dig a grave and morn the loss of this random and coded way of speaking to eachother.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Today I was reminded of our experience of 9-11. I like so many events you never forget where you where and what you were doing. Today I had an image of Trumble during structures class when it seemed inappropriate to talk about why buildings fall down when two of NYC's had just crumbled and so many had lost their lives. Just a moment of memory. Where where you?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

My extended holiday

Seven days in Lake Powell, floating naked on rafts, and kyaks and large water soaked logs.

Hiking through mud and getting lost in sandstone narrows while chasing frogs just fresh from the monsoon rains.

Driftwood sculptures burning at nightfall with cornbombs and m-180's boming in the background.

Laughing at so many things I couldn't even start to explain.

Remoteness that takes 8 hours of driving through desert to reach.

One of the best trips of my life.