Monday, August 14, 2006

Leaving the SHED

Its time for me to hit the dusty trail. I have decided to leave the SHED and Seattle and return to Tucson. Ever since I left there has been a void in my life, not seeing Eric Peterson on the steps of Chovies really leaves a hole in your soul… In all seriousness SHED has decided to take a different route than previously promised… Not building anymore- focusing on having 4 children (two sets of twin girls – seriously there is something in the water ) in the next two months, and not requiring a registered Architect in the office for at least another year. It has been a great experience but I need to get some registered hours under my belt and I'm at a point now where I have some flexibility in my life. The decision to return to Tucson is to be in the same city as my girlfriend , and close to my family for at least the next year and a half..

One thing has become clear to me in the last few months, buildings will get built without my two cents put in, and I'm fine with that. At the end of the day my girlfriend is across the country and ill get to see my family next Thanksgiving. I traveled to the northwest to stake my claim. I believe I have done this and now it is time to prioritize, BE HAPPY FIRST, build buildings later. The decision to leave SHED was for registration, Tucson was for me. This is primarily a professional decision.

So Jessica, ill see you at Che’s and if anyone knows of any job leads in Tucson send them over.


Blogger Jimmytuaz said...

mr. moorefield. you should drop by missoulatown before you head back to tucson. jmskennedy-at-gmail-dot-com

7:48 AM  
Blogger Erik said...

Makes sense to me. I will look for you at Chovies in the future Frost, but I must say that I'm there much less frequently. I've been descending further into the depths of Tucson and am becoming a regular at The Buffet. I've grown out my hair, have a zz-top beard, get piss drunk at all hours of the day, and mutter about some woman/leprechan/dog that messed up my life. If not there I'm getting kicked out of Ches (which in reality has never happened.)

3:16 PM  
Blogger your said...

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6:26 PM  
Blogger your said...

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11:54 PM  

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