Friday, August 04, 2006

7 things that can make you go "Postal"

1. Have your landlord lecture you about why she can't believe you would ever want to leave monterey to go to the desert. (stupid elitist #^@!&)
2. Have your landlord tell you last minute that you need to hire "professionals" to clean the house, professional window washers and professionally steam clean the carpets. (oh, provide receipts too).
3. Have your landlord say that she will advertise your house for when you want to leave, and then not do it, thus leaving you responsible until the new tenant moves in way after you said you'd be out.
4. have your landlord schedule roofers to come (irregardless of when you are free) and tear apart the roof, leaving leaks, dirt, nails and termites to fall into all the things that you have layed out in the room for a garage sale. then have to move it all, last minute, to accomidate for all the crap happening overhead.
5. When you express to your landlord that you don't feel you should be responsible to clean up all the debris now on the inside of the house due to the roofer, have the stupid $#!@*! tell you that you have been in the house for a year and you need to clean it up regardless.
6. After asking that the roofers not come before 9am, have them show up at 7:30 and not only start banging but start walking around the outside while you are naked still in bed, thus making you hide under the sheets until you think you can jump out and run for cover without being seen.


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