Sunday, August 27, 2006


asking why - knowing why - origins - slow sundays - light filtered through trees - eloquence -stones - eyes - hands - proximity -balance - waves - connections - nuance - touch - patterns - logic in chaos - chaos in logic - gravity - ether - driving past rows of crops - silhouettes - viscosity - words - truth - virtue - passion - love - elastic time - fluid space - layers - sound and smell of desert rain - resonance - discovery - harmony - intent - nostalgia - opposing forces - a sinking heart - texture - energy - flow - simplicity -the few and far between - substance - paths - night skies - silence -beauty - dreams - imagery moving or still - scale of reference - expression - answers - restless nights of questions - tension of dusk - paradoxes - memory - exhausting all possibility - inspiration - expression - introversion - things fleeting - moments - anxiousness - naivety - adaptation - absolutes - calmness - shaking leaves - wind and grass - fog - knowledge - conversation - religion having no monopoly on morality - drugs having no monopoly on freeing your mind - growth - form - battling disenchantment

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

manifest, short version,

i have a right to watch food network all night, then eat ramen without shame.
new yorkers smell, but french people smell worse.
maps are cool.
you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose.
asu sucks.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I will take life in short bursts, never having been one for long term goals. I will accept challenges and opportunities with vigor. I will conquer my fears of failure. I will find fulfillment in accomplishments and have those selfish moments of egotistical boosts. I will take the time to spoil myself. I will buy better shoes. I will find happiness and joy in small pleasures. I will evaluate my past and be grateful for my present. I will live out my life in peace knowing that I have made my own choices, and not the repercussions of others stupidity. I will see myself as whole, not compartmentalized roles. I am the sum of my parts.

El Manifesto

Where did Erik go? I’m right here Nader.
My concept is and will always be – Earth & Sky
My montages will always contain the same old man walking away.
I will sneeze in a tissue, crumple it up, throw it away, realize I need a design, pull out the tissue, and BAM, concept model.
I will use the CNC router for all topo-models.
I will use the laser cutter for all other parts of my models.
I still will not finish my model in time for presentations.
Other people’s concept models will be better than my final model.
There is always time for making t-shirts.
I design.
I am...the greatest architect, ever.

Monday, August 21, 2006

My manifesto

I will wear my bathing suit as frequently as possible.
I will swim at night in the desert heat and giggle because I am free to do so.
I will look for work when I'm ready and/or truly bored and paint as much as I can in the meantime.
I will keep dying my hair purple until the color keeps and grow it long in spite of the heat.
I will read and sleep alternately during the day and go to as many movies as I want.
I will sit on the porch and watch the clouds roll in and if they do not rain, I will learn a native rain dance and perform it daily.
And lastly, I will enjoy being back home.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Thursday, August 17, 2006

my manifesto....more than 100 words...

I want to wear heels with tube socks…to make graphs and charts that organize life into logical findings…to cartoonize my friends so that they are always happy and fun…to make skirts that are f-ing radd…to read good books and remember what I read a month later…to make my world green and other bright colors…to laugh and be laughed at…to color my hair any color I want…to make furniture and sell it…to have cool shoes that make me look really fast…to wrap cork around columns and stick things to it…to hang paper roll tubes from the ceiling and store drawings in them…to eat interesting food…to wear glasses and feel smart…to eat whipped cream every morning and not get fat…to watch all the episodes of sex and the city (im on season 4 right now)…to project movies onto my ceiling and watch them in bed…to download every cool song ever written and make sweet ass play lists for my ipod for each mood I have…to wear polka dots and stripes at the same time…to find cool hats that make my head look smaller…to play hockey…to wear flowers in my hair…to vacation to beach cities and surf…to make life better looking with art and architecture…to not have my hands smell like Indian food!

Thank you for your time,
Melinda Turner

super best friends

for everyone quitting now-a-days, surely the worst part is saying goodby to all those super-great people you work with. before leaving, coat your boss in all the pixy sticks your sweet little heart can muster and leave a warmfuzzywuzzyness in your absence by sending out a glucose rich email like this one:

Hello my dear friends at Polshek,

It was just a week ago I was studying all 150 names on the phone list with Alba.

It was just yesterday Jim told me I compliment the yellow wall.

Just yesterday I gained 60 pounds eating all the left overs from all the meetings while pregnant. It was only minutes ago, Duncan calling my name outside his office. Minutes ago Susie telling me how far she walked on her speedometer. Minutes ago that I saw Todd sneak downstairs for some "fresh air." What will I do without my name being paged by Rayna? I'm going to go through my "breakfast with Clarissa"

withdrawals. I'm going to miss Joe's "serious" face! I'm going to have to live without my Richard Gere look-a-like. How will I live without Jim calling me "Kim" in the hallway as we talk about sushi? What will I do without the one word-a-day from the MAN downstairs? I don't know if I could let go of my French James Bond, Tomas. And of course, the polite policeman, Don. And my suga-daddy Kevin. Who can possibly walk away from mister Sweet Talk himself, Charlie? And of course, Adam and um.. Crazy. Lisa and alcohol.. Penny and New York Sports Club. Susan and walking really, really fast. And everyone else, whom I was able to share some intimate conversations.. those that opened their lives and shared their stories and also allowed me to share my stories and my family with them.. I will truly miss you! Truly!

Thank you so much for all your love and support.

My accomplishments: two kids, a hundred and fifty new friends, and lots and lots of special memories!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

100 word manifesto for $100.00

I dont care if one of us wins im currious to see what any of us would say. im game if anyone else is, legitamacy is key.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Leaving the SHED

Its time for me to hit the dusty trail. I have decided to leave the SHED and Seattle and return to Tucson. Ever since I left there has been a void in my life, not seeing Eric Peterson on the steps of Chovies really leaves a hole in your soul… In all seriousness SHED has decided to take a different route than previously promised… Not building anymore- focusing on having 4 children (two sets of twin girls – seriously there is something in the water ) in the next two months, and not requiring a registered Architect in the office for at least another year. It has been a great experience but I need to get some registered hours under my belt and I'm at a point now where I have some flexibility in my life. The decision to return to Tucson is to be in the same city as my girlfriend , and close to my family for at least the next year and a half..

One thing has become clear to me in the last few months, buildings will get built without my two cents put in, and I'm fine with that. At the end of the day my girlfriend is across the country and ill get to see my family next Thanksgiving. I traveled to the northwest to stake my claim. I believe I have done this and now it is time to prioritize, BE HAPPY FIRST, build buildings later. The decision to leave SHED was for registration, Tucson was for me. This is primarily a professional decision.

So Jessica, ill see you at Che’s and if anyone knows of any job leads in Tucson send them over.


Question to the people who went to San Diego during 4th year and stayed along Pacific Beach. What was the name of the Hotel/Motel that we stayed in. Remember that one? The one with the bees in the closet, us BBQing outside the door, the neighbors not liking our loud noises, the indoor football, and Shannon losing one of the keys only to find it once we got back to Tucson? Anyone remember the name of it, or can someone recommend a place along that stretch of road? That would be wonderful as myself and a couple of lady friends (not girlfriends Meeks, just "friends") are going there this weekend and need a place close to the beach to crash. Thanks ever so much.

Friday, August 11, 2006

digital technologies haven't reached montana yet - so consequently james has gotten really good at hand drawing/drafting over the past year. he asked that i pass his recent portrait on to the blogger.

peter cook

why isnt anyone else putting pictures of themselves up?

and have you seen the new CALA site? chupacabras managed to infiltrate it... nice.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

take a quiz hippies...

render yourself

hey, so I'm sure a year has rendered everyone much older and wiser. Since we don't get to see eachother anymore, I propose that we all post current pics of our lovely selves.....
I am in the process of dying my hair (yet again), so I'll add a pic soon.
In the mean time, lets see everyone in their own element...

Friday, August 04, 2006

7 things that can make you go "Postal"

1. Have your landlord lecture you about why she can't believe you would ever want to leave monterey to go to the desert. (stupid elitist #^@!&)
2. Have your landlord tell you last minute that you need to hire "professionals" to clean the house, professional window washers and professionally steam clean the carpets. (oh, provide receipts too).
3. Have your landlord say that she will advertise your house for when you want to leave, and then not do it, thus leaving you responsible until the new tenant moves in way after you said you'd be out.
4. have your landlord schedule roofers to come (irregardless of when you are free) and tear apart the roof, leaving leaks, dirt, nails and termites to fall into all the things that you have layed out in the room for a garage sale. then have to move it all, last minute, to accomidate for all the crap happening overhead.
5. When you express to your landlord that you don't feel you should be responsible to clean up all the debris now on the inside of the house due to the roofer, have the stupid $#!@*! tell you that you have been in the house for a year and you need to clean it up regardless.
6. After asking that the roofers not come before 9am, have them show up at 7:30 and not only start banging but start walking around the outside while you are naked still in bed, thus making you hide under the sheets until you think you can jump out and run for cover without being seen.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Whats Shakin?

So I felt my first real earthquake yesterday evening...4.7 up in Sonoma. You are all jealous... Earth Shaking is soooooooooo cool. Plate Tectonics 4 life yo!