Friday, July 07, 2006

the sadest and happiest parts about leaving the office

1. all the free coffee, cookies and tequilla in the kitchen.
2. making faces at the cute lesbian that sits across from me all day.
3. not getting the giant paycheck...seriously sad.
4. missing out on emails from consultants like this:

maybe, even just maybe, always works with me.
got you palm piloted.
and speaking of piloting, i will be captaining a tandem, in one of the kilts, a hundred miles along connecticut river tomorrow.
trust you will find some combination of beer and boats that works as well.
your fan,

1. Not having to sit..and sit...and sit somemore.
2. Knowing that again I can dye my hair any color, wear any color and freely be a freak again!
3. Being able to leave something that just wasn't working for me.
4. Not having to send off emails like this any more:

Until the set for the building permit has been completed, printed, issued, archived and properly recovered from…please do not change drawing file names, locations, plot styles, pen weights or any other format or organizational layout unless first checking with either Libby or myself. I understand that you want the organization to be set up in your particular method, however, there are reasons for the current set up that make the progress of our work faster and easier.

Also, many of the files are cross referenced to other files, and by changing a name, location or even moving the actual drawing layers within the file to another location; you are thus affecting all of the drawings that are referencing that first drawing. I know it is confusing and if you want I can explain better. And lastly, please see me next time you want to print something from these files. There is a set up that automatically prints the file for you without having to select the printer, window, pen setting, etc and does not change. Somehow when you print, you are changing these to settings as well as the lineweights.


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