Tuesday, July 18, 2006

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The Polshek Weekly Reader
V 2.34 third edition

Editor-in-chief, Adam "I can draw walks" Mead

"You can lead a horse to water, but if it turns out to be a camel you're in trouble"

It was not what one would have wished for, the heat coming off the field at #3 great lawn welcomed us with illusions of watery oasis' and palm covered ponds, there were neither. Polshek began with a short and quick warm up, they didn’t want to use up what little energy they had left after their walk from the steaming confines of the C train.
Like déjà vu all over again, Polshek awaited the arrival of a woman, any woman would do, does anyone of you know a woman? Steve asked, they all stood in silence, forfeit loomed, but this might get us out of the heat faster, maybe it wouldn't be so bad, after all. From across the field, the team looked on, bad spaghetti western music played, out of the heat, former polshekian Eileen "I could carry a bar" keribar had ridden in on trusted steed (that's what she calls her shoes). Polshek were saved.
This battle would take place between Polshek and arch rival of the ninth floor gruzen sampton, or weekend in the Hampton's, or some bad weekend at Bernie's cast and crew team, who knew, nobody had ever seen these guys on the elevator before, with the exception old old man withers, no way he could play.**
Inning one, Polshek bats first, wham bam, were sweating like pigs man, but we put 2 runs across the plate, a great start. Michael "who has the water" hasset arrives from Calcutta via camel with two larger than life water bottles. John labombard goes up to pet the camels, the camel on the left spit in john's eye.
Steve and our cast of rag tag misfits get thru the inning without a run allowed from the Hampton's crew. (and they were steaming like fresh pig on the griddle over it)
Polshek arrives at the plate for the start of inning two, again, the team pushes another run across the plate. Between innings adam mentions to peter "I didn’t bring a popsicle" broughton that he hear's something ominous in the trees. "ah its nothing adam, don’t worry about it" adam lets it leap from his mind to focus on more important matters, as it is his turn at the plate. Captain my captain Steve "I can rock a ball like a baby" chang tells him "try to draw a walk"…..before heading to the plate, adam desperately tries to draw a walk, in the sand, was Steve talking metaphorically?, was this some type of riddle wrapped in the delusional guise of parable, god I am terrible. I walk to the plate (got that part right) and proceed to hit the ball with my limited might right into the third baseman's mitt, and I am thrown out. But my drawing in the sand lasted for two more innings.
Peter "bring it" brougton was swinging his hair like Farah Fawcett, some one suggested his get his hair highlighted, he then proceeds to respond with a hot shot in the gap, he ran around the bases, and crossed the plate, a homerun, for all to celebrate in, Polshek 4, team weekend at the Hampton's 2 (they had scored some runs I didn’t mention)
As Polshek took the field head bench moral keeper adam ' I can really really draw a walk" mead saw what can only be described as a band of marauding spider monkeys come flying out of the trees, diving in on the unsuspecting teammates to steal what little mojo they possessed. Would this have an adverse effect on the outcome (of course not, uh right?!?!?)
Team weekend at bernies, slowly began to mount a comeback, Polshek fell into fits of dizzy spells, adam was trying to put horse shoes on the camels, Michael was off performing his one man pantomime act, how would he get out of that invisible box????

Old man withers came up to the plate, with bat in hand, two replacement hips in tow, no way this guy beats us, oh right, he does, he hits a another base runner home and weekend in the Hampton's takes the lead 5-4. Polshek walks to the plate like a bunch of whirling dervishes, they've very little left. No one can hit the ball, Lyle is our last hope, he hits a blooper over old man withers head, no way this guy catches it, he as to be his teams Achilles heal, but be damned, he has a bionic Achilles heal to go along with his other medical miracles keeping that body operational, he catches the ball, and wins the games, again.

Polshek buries itself in chicken wings and beer, and Mac Aleer's Pub, John Labombard almost is seen drinking a Beer.

Fun Fact: The Polshek team lost a combined 34 pounds in water during the game

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