Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Just in case anyone was sitting around wondering "I wonder what sort of 'architecture' Chris has been up to in LA", I have a nice little semi-frequently updated page that our client has been keeping. It is here. I did the drawing in the background (reproduced without our permission, but they can do whatever they want, those clients).
It's a pretty small project, knocking out the back of a two-story house, adding on more space and a stairwell enclosure, but rain, the discovery of a seepage pit, and frustrated minds all around have been bogging this project down quite a bit. But hey, them's the breaks. Hopefully it'll be done before next Christmas.
And now I'm doing part-time for two places at the same time. cRaZy! Actually, it's not bad at all since I'm just working with one of the other firms that shares office space with us. So I get to sit at the same desk and do different work. Currently I'm drawing all the existing subway stations from hand drawn plans for context to design a new way of putting up signs in the corridors.
That's my update, hope everyone is enjoying their lives. Remember when we did Capstone? long ago...


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