Friday, March 24, 2006


So I have to admit that I've been secretly lurking, enjoying the same 5 commentators and wondering what has happened to my friends who now all find themsleves gainfully employed, stressed and too busy to blog.

Today and the past few weeks really have been madness. We have a monster of a project deadline coming up and a review commitee who is going to pay the insane fee to have IBC review our set. This of course has caused a horrific amount of stress and fatigue. As a result more coffee has been drunk by all involved (I'm the remote exception to coffee blitz - hot coco) and I have such a severe knot in my neck that is creeping into my back that I can hardly turn my head to the left. This causes a problem when my 6'5 boss comes to my desk, always on my left! (slightly- Wyatt-esque)

A unusual break was offered yesterday when a man who runs a concrete plants is looking to put one in posh Stowe, Vermont. He wants us to design a barn to fit over it and hide the contents of a redi-mix. An odd assignment - which is now mine. I am the ultimate render-er a cause for much stress and elation. I get to avoid autocad - except for my demotion to millwork and finishes and I also get blamed with the classic line - "Its all the models fault!"



Blogger WYATT said...

FYI hot cocoa my dear still has the caffine...

good to hear that you are enjoying the rendering work

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