Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Best thing I've Read all Day.....

"There's this guy in the cafe where I get my morning coffee who is chewing with his mouth open. While the process of food being ground down into a bolus for eventual processing by the digestive system is probably interesting from a biological standpoint, I don't think I need to see the process firsthand.

Thing is, if I walk up to this guy and say "Wow, you know it's really disgusting when your mouth sounds like a regiment of soldiers marching", he'd probably smile and show me some of those little poppy seeds stuck to his cream cheese teeth, and say "muh can chooo howemma muh mwunt"

And no, I'm not trying to take away his Constitutional right to be disgusting in public, but really, our teeth are inside our mouth for a reason (not manners necessarily). "

Who feels this pain. Eating lunch with people who can hardly contain themselves with the noise, slurps, and food filled open mouth laugher. I had to leave the table.


Blogger Erik said...

At lunch people oogle and awe over my food before I even get a chance to re-heat it up. This is because I cook dinner most nights and bring leftovers in - I also like to try new things so at least twice a week I make something new - so they stare at my food while they eat their frozen lunches and fast food. This causes me to have 5-star dining manners. One day I will pull the Bluto move from Animal House. Till that day I use my manners...

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