Wednesday, March 08, 2006

and now for the rest of the story......

In typical ChuPaCaBra style I had NO clue that Meeks was coming to town until Doug told me to pull a U-turn in the airport parking lot and my truck was accosted by a man in a Gorilla mask.  After the fact it was noted that running through the airport in a gorilla mask was probably breaking all kinds of homeland security so we made a quick exit.


When we arrived at CASAFROST in Ballard we promptly went down to the bars in old town.  Had a few beers, a few more, some more beers-  Meeks “man I haven’t eaten anything in a..WE..Whileee… We should get some fries..”  Down to My new Chovies and thew some darts.  Doug became a master of the NINE dart celing toss before uttering those fateful words.  “Man im not that drunk”




Thus began the stumbling laughing and some more drinking on the way back to my house.


The next morning was a seen from Omaha beach.  Frost is up at ten with a mild headache, the New York crew can only utter two words UHHHHH BAAAUUUGGHH!!!!!  To the porcelin gods, breakfast consisted of Doug thowing up toast in under 45 seconds and a long stare at scrambled eggs.


Got out on the town at about two and cruised Seattle, while walking past a site im working on we notice that NBBJ has moved out and there office door is open….proceed to skulk around and scope the carnage that used to be a 250+ architecture firm.  Snag some LEED certification credentials and head to the roof top.  I had interviewed there once and I knew there was a roof top garden deck.  Quickly located the three ChUPaCAbra’s surrvyed what they would one day own in a mass triumphant city wide enclave of pranks.




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