Monday, January 23, 2006

When do you get to work

I'm sick and tired of friends and family giving me shit about getting to work at 9-9:30.  What is your typical work day/week,   except you Kuchen we all know your pulling 8-8 6days a week. 


Ps. If your wondering why my work email signature appears on this thing, you can post blogs form your email.  The blogger site is a dead give away that your dicking around, this way it looks like client corerspondace, and the increased typing sond goes a long way for your next raise, I.E. an increase in assumed auditory efficency. 


-next time you log on to post a blog look around, there is an email link setup somewhere in the settings TAB.


JOHN MOREFIELD + 206.320.8700





Blogger WYATT said...

I get to work at 9:00 and i love it. Hell 9:00 am class was hard enough to get to a year ago, enough to affect my GPA. Now that I am a "grown up" i have nothing to prove by getting to work before 9:00 am. Training wheels for the "real world"

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