Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Whats going on big guy,    and all the rest of the CAPLA crowd


Runnin solo at the office today.  It’s a good day, I got a radiator for under my desk!! , big ups to toasty nuts!!  Had a photo shoot today down @ the site, ill see if I can get some pics down to you.  Big drawings push yesterday so just crusin today.  We are moving to a larger space soon so ill be strapping on the tool bags for the build out, construction in the winter up here BLOWS, know I now why contractors give us all the shit for being white collar pussies in the office towers. 


This weekend my roommates and I put up Christmas lights and a tree, and then it hit me.  There is no more finals, and im not moving at the end of the semester.  It was hard to believe that I actually live with these people.  Had our first sit down dinner last night in the kitchen, all went well until we realized pork roast isn’t so hot when one of your roommates is JEWISH.  So we got some kinks to work out but we will get it.  Its time to put up the holiday shots on the blog, so start hitting it up.


Hey everybody, hit me up with your office emails so we can spend our bosses money on idle cad monkey chit chat.


Frosty,  (but not today, fuck yeah on the radiator)


JOHN MOREFIELD + 206.320.8700





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