Tuesday, December 20, 2005

thanks kennedy. and happy holidays from new york.

well, i got the office metro strike award for my five mile run to work this morning. apparently i get the "chocolate cornucopia" - whatever that is. not only that, but i also got to find out how you get from queens to manhattan as a pedestrian. you see, the triborough bridge is almost a mile long, but lets you down on randalls island before branching off to both manhattan and the bronx. as i decended the triborough and approached a park ranger to ask about where to find my next bridge, i see the sketchy-looking man already speaking with the ranger present an ID card and respond to her question of "where are you headed?" with a grumbly "asylum". yes, turns out randalls island is home to a number of parks for whizzing bee's and such - but has basically become one with ward's island, and apparently its New York City Asylum for the Insane. that mostly sums up my adventures over and inbetween the bridges.

speaking of bridges, i thought id share on meeks' behalf that we got word from chris last week that the rose bridge pedestrian bridge grant proposal was in fact granted. they got their $300k, there was celebratory drinking, and it sounds like something might happen.

ok well anyways our office wasnt required to come in today. we knew that, in the event of a strike, we were not expected to walk or pay for crabs. i guess this makes me an idiot who just couldnt get enough CAD, but still not as much an idiot as the yoon-yun-ized transit workers. good luck to them in getting "leverage" from this little stunt.

see some of you in tucson over new ya's.


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