Thursday, December 01, 2005

Post Turkey Day

So it snowed on Thanksgiving! It was pretty exciting until we stepped outdoors and realized that we had to drive in it! But all is well and it melted after the long weekend. I hope that everyone had a good holiday, if not then at least a rest from the work grind. We put out a public presentation the other night and I was taken along as the technology-incase-the-bosses-break-it guru. It went really well, aparently others have been tech disasters or public firing squads. So needless to say I'm keeping pretty busy and have found my niche as the render-er and sketch-up-er at large. (Jessica, no comments on the hyphens!) At any rate we've finally got an IKEA in this part of the globe and are making a trip out to Stoughton MA on friday for some much needed furniture. Horray for well paying jobs and first time Christmas funds! It should be a great season, despite the current chill and the ruminating cold in my throat.

I'll be in Phoenix on the 12th through the 16th of Jan, if anyone is around. I'm in dire need a chipotle! and some sunshine.


Blogger vandub said...

the hyphens are nice...quite nice actually. You did well girl.

1:22 PM  

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