Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Job Fun

So I’d thought I’d drop some pics of a recent failure out a job site. This is on a country club in Oro Valley (Melinda - You may have seen this project when you worked at Seaver Franks). Well they were pouring the concrete slab on the ground floor over the basement. The contractor got complacent and didn’t realize it was just metal decking over a one way span, and didn’t shore it up properly underneath (the sutff you see in the bottom left picture wasn't there during the intial pour). So the steel decking sheared off and went down into the basement taken a 10x10 section of freshly poured concrete with it. Luckily no one was hurt as the rebar grid held a guy up while he got help getting off. At the same time they were able to get a bobcat into the basement and guys with shovels were able to clean the concrete before it cured onto the basement slab. So now the damaged part of the slab has to be sawcut out, a new small steel beam has to be fabricated & installed, new decking, new re-inforcement added, all before they can re-pour that part of the slab. Oh yeah they also hit a water main that was not listed on any drawings or surveys, but that was a quick fix. I found this experience to be a first for me in my internship, but it has been informative as I’ve learned more about the relationship between the owner/architect/contractor/subs in the past couple of days as I’ve helped do the CA work on how to resolve this quickly with my boss. Just thought I’d share.


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petersen whatcha doin puttin pictures of our stair project on the blogger?

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