Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's raining it pouring...I wish I was home snoring....

Hello...(hello hello echo)
Where is everyone? Still sleeping off the turkey buzz?
We had a nice thanksgiving. Laura and John came to visit. We didn't get the turkey cooked until Sat. Morning though. But we ate it and were happy.
It was actually nice and sunny for most of their trip. We drove down the coast like a ga-zillion times. Went on a heart stopping hike and saw some really crappy architecture (aka. The hearst castle).
Now they are gone and we are again without
Our new cat...Mr. Munk, the holy terror, has been a nice addition to our family. He's more like a dog/rabbit actually.
So, I am waiting every day to see a new blog...a new bit of information from your lives.
Like: Does mcmillian have a girlfriend, where is hide and has ryan become president of his firm yet?
Keep it going peeps.....


Blogger weibeld said...

maybe no one writes anything because they dont want to put up with your smart-ass comments. OOOOHHHH!!!!!

4:46 PM  
Blogger vandub said...

Or maybe they just cannot compete...or maybe they are lacking in creativity in what to say to their friends....or maybe they just miss me so much that the grief of not being in my presence is just to much for them and they can not muster up the strength to say so....oooooo!!

7:33 AM  

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