Friday, November 04, 2005


. my name is supposedly:
Wes, Wesman, Buddy, Partner……”you can do that for me, right?...partner?”, Daddy, and sometimes “Ya big Dummy”
. i am living in or near:
Good old Tucson!!......yes I am one of the people that stayed.
. the nearest chipotle is:
50 steps away……You can see it from the front door of our office. Needless to say, I have begun requesting “custom burros”. Like “Alright, all I want is a tortilla, and about three scoops of meat……no rice, no beans, just that addictive meat with the special ingredient that makes you crave for it nightly…ya smartass……ok, maybe a little salsa”
. i am employed by (or at least "hanging out" at):
D. Alan Roberts Architects. Our office is on the second story of Campbell Village at Campbell and Ft. Lowell area. This is the place I worked while in school……I started working there in 3rd year and it was just Alan and me. Now there are eight of us and I have some seniority. I did look at and entertain many other offers both in and out of state (Cali, Denver, Utah, etc.) but I got the best offer here, and I like the type of work we do. (By the way, our firm does mainly big custom homes in the “rich people” communities around Tucson. We also have started getting into some mixed use projects trying to help out the thriving down town of Tucson. ahahaha)
. my employer/hangout website or other publication can be found at: (note to all politically correct critics: My employer is a little liberal with the titles he gives people [i.e. -the careless use of the title “architect”…I know I am not technically one yet… but, there it is?!?)
. my employer/hangout has me working on:
Anything and everything, it’s cool cause I get to work on everything that comes through the office (the joys of a small firm) and at every stage, design, clients, consultants, CDs, and CA. I just finished and submitted the drawings for one of our “Street of Dreams” homes we are doing for a national home tour. I had a lot of design influence on this home and can’t wait for construction to begin. Also, three of us had a sweet team design pow-wow on the mixed use project we are doing, (yes, sketchup was used and brought into viz) and I did a huge design board that made the realtors drool on themselves (realtors…pffft……hate ‘em).
. on a scale of one to ten - ten being highest - my excitement about my employer/hangout would best be represented by the number:
Humm…that is a tough one. It fluxuates. Some days it’s 10…some days it’s 2. hahaha. Mostly I like it there, like the work, and my boss Alan has become one of my good friends, but I do know that I want to run my own show one day, and in a year or so I will hopefully have my license and be in a better position to do so. But for now, it is a great place for me to be.
. in arguing that my employer/hangout is better than yours, i would emphasize - even exaggerate - about my employer/hangout that:
Well, we had one beer Friday and I got way outta hand and started waving an x-acto blade around, throwing peanut M&M’s off the balcony, and cursing like a sailor at everyone……so they stopped having those. They told me it was non-alcoholic beer…but I was sick all night?!?...just kidding. Probably the best part of this Jig is having my own “private” office…with a door. Yes, it is nice…believe me; I have paid my dues with desk space. This is the 4th firm I have worked for and I have had my share of “creative workspace”, being stuck in the library, the kitchen, the storage room, and the like. So to have my own office (second biggest in the office I might add) is pretty nice. I can talk on the phone without the entire studio hanging on every word.
. also - in the interest of my argument - i would forget to mention to you or downplay the fact that:
We are forced to wear ties…everyday but Friday…except for some reason I usually have a meeting on Friday so I have to wear one then too. I guess it makes us look more professional and stuff but I don’t know……I feel like a banker or something. Hahaha. Not to mention the fact that Marty and Pete make fun of me when we get together for the occasional lunch…”yeah, check out the tie man (in the patented Marty voice)”.
Also, I am still here in Tucson…so hearing your stories of NYC, SF, and the Windy City, I do feel a little envy. I think that is awesome that you guys are taking it all by the horns and going for it…Keep it up, and live it up while you can…you’ll have plenty of time to “settle down” later.
. i will be interesting by exceeding the minimum solicited information and adding that:
When the new semester started a couple months ago I asked some of the people that stuck around if they felt weird cause we weren’t going back, and if they missed it. I think we all had the same answer…”we don’t miss the work, the long hours, and the late nights, but we miss the people”. It was a great time and I am glad that we are still keeping up on each others lives and times.


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Wes you make me cry! N-Squared

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