Tuesday, November 01, 2005


. my name is supposedly: formerly, meeks. now, just ryan

. i am living in or near: new york city

. the nearest chipotle is 5.9 miles away, (but only 2 blocks from work)

. i am employed by (or at least "hanging out" at): polshek partnership

. my employer/hangout website or other publication can be found at: polshek.com

. my employer/hangout has me working on: the new family intake center. in the bronx near yankee stadium, as the name implies a place where homeless families can come and be processed to receive housing. Somewhat of a dmv meets office building, meets social workers, meets armed guards. low profile for the office but high profile for the department of homeless services, and the nyc's new Design Excellence program or "City Architecture that Dosen't Suck." I'm in a small group with just two other guys i work with every day, and a few managers. all good people, and layed back for a bunch of ivy leaguers. i am not only the youngest in the office, but one of the few public schoolers, and undergrad educated. the project was just getting started when i arrived, so i am fortunate enough to be on this one from the beginning.

. on a scale of one to ten - ten being highest - my excitement about my employer/hangout would best be represented by the number: 9, everything is awesome, but do i really need a design partner, a managing partner, and a project manager on such a small project, not to mention the core 3( 2 architects and myself)?

. in arguing that my employer/hangout is better than yours, i would emphasize - even exaggerate - about my employer/hangout that: my boss was once invited to have lunch with the president of the united states, and turned him down... i'm not saying i agree with his politics, only that my boss' cajones are bigger than your boss' cajones. (yes CLINTON library is good (insert your own cigar joke here), but people in this office take being liberal to a whole new realm; they think the new york times is conservative, they loath themselves for being white males, they complain about not being able to complain about bloomberg, ect.)

. also - in the interest of my argument - i would forget to mention to you or downplay the fact that: i am involved in canstruction... a horrible pun for an event, that while noble, takes itself WAY to seriously. basically it's like chupacabras except; the firm pays for it (good), it reeks of corporate pride (bad, if i hear one more person say our sculpture represents the firm i'm going to vomit), most of these things look like ass (bad), the food bank gets a lot of food (unless you use sardines like "the firm" did last year, so cruel...) so we are making a cobra, going to be bad-ass. but these people are starting to piss me off, first they don't believe a six foot snake can be made out of cans (not to be arrogant, but they haven't seen my extracurricular resume), and second, given most entries are pathetic play-on-words, (green eggs and CAN, the CANes film festival, ect.) everyone is all concerned the snake is "negative" or "scary" or "not a good reflection on the firm," and this is mostly from grown men, which really makes me want to slap the crap of some people. God forbid someone's sensitivities are hurt, politics may border on socialism out here but everything else is damn conservative. as i try to remind people "it's just f%&$* cans!"

. i will be interesting by exceeding the minimum solicited information and adding that: these old guys drink me under the table. who can work all day, hit happy hour, skip dinner, move on to conference room 6 (a.k.a. tavern on jane) for endless pints, long after the new guy skips out while he can still find his way home?

ryan meeks 212.807.7171


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I think that is the funniest thing i've seen all day.

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