Wednesday, November 02, 2005

hi everyone...i miss you guys...

. my name is supposedly: melinda...also known as m-teezy, tink, pixy, melinders; recently known as mel-t and currently on behalf of audrey kuchen...mel-tini (for my dying love of yes...pucker and appletinis); and here at work: lil' m, turner, and for some reason t-rex and mr t.
i am living in or near:. the nearest chipotle is ___2___ miles away
i am employed by (or at least "hanging out" at): wrns studio ...firm of 24
my employer/hangout website or other publication can be found at: (we are still new and have nothing to show on our website except for a couple of architects and the inside of our office during construction...sorry) if you are still interested in their work you can check out ...our firm is a product of four of five principles splitting from chong partners in may
my employer/hangout has me working on: mostly on a 5 building (48,630 sf total) addition to two adjoined schools in hillsborough, ca...just down the coast. ive been in a team of three people for the schematic design of the master plan for both campuses since i arrived in mid august and still going; a new high school in watsonville, ca; and small part in a pro-bono addition to the bridge school which is a school for the handicapped in hillsborough that was started by neil young (he has a child in the school.)
on a scale of one to ten - ten being highest - my excitement about my employer/hangout would best be represented by the number: 10 i love it
in arguing that my employer/hangout is better than yours, i would emphasize - even exaggerate - about my employer/hangout that: i get to meet some cool people like daniel libeskind (who is actually very friendly) and some guys that work for him who work in our office with a couple of our guys to complete the contemporary jewish museum here in sf., the project architect for the salk comes in to have lunch with the principles every now and again, we get every other friday off, parties once a month, and like everyone else...drinking on those working pucker though.
also - in the interest of my argument - i would forget to mention to you or downplay the fact that:. i will be interesting by exceeding the minimum solicited information and adding that: my work environment is very equal...i am the youngest and who cares...also that bridge school puts on a concert every year and my office took seven of us to sit 8 rows up from dave matthews and tim reynolds, bright eyes, jerry lee lewis, neil young with nash and some other guys names i dont know, emmylou harris, norah jones, los lobos, and good charlottle it was pretty fun. also, next week i get to fly on an all expenses paid trip on a private jet with three other co workers to grand rapids michigan to see the steelcase showroom and some applications of steelcase products.


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Im not sure 8 rows up from Dave is a downplay of bad things, but the firm sounds great...

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