Monday, October 24, 2005

the valley

Way to go Jessica! You picked a real winner, and from what I hear he's a great kisser...
So LA is getting all foggy and damp for some reason. And there is some real heat in California for this special election crap. Speaking of which if all of you who moved here didn't register to vote, shame on you. But if you're republican, way to go!
Anyway, on to business, my new job downtown is pretty cool. The guy I work for just got registered as an architect and he's got plans to start a larger firm in the near future. He's been working me like a dog, but what's special about that right? The first week I had three days that I stayed until 11pm. I know, big friggin deal. So he's cool, there are two other firms that share our office, so it's all architectured out. Two of them teach at SCI-Arc and another teaches at USC. Speaking of which, USC is looking for a new dean for the architecture college, any takers? I nominate Billy Ng if anyone finds him again.
So today I met with my recently introduced second cousin I didn't know I had who is a working actor out here in tinsel town. You may have seen him in such classics as Centipede! or on some episode of The Gilmor Girls. I'm going to be moving in with him at the beginning of December. Then I'll be a resident of North Hollywood, and taking the Los Angeles subway (yeah I was surprised there was a subway too, it's actually brand new and almost clean) to downtown to work everyday. It'll be a whole new page in the McMillan saga I'll tell you...actually I just did, but I'll tell you again if you want me to. So that's my update, I just finished watching Crash finally, and it was strange since I live in Los Angeles now. I would say that it's an accurate portrayal of city life here, aside for all the acting for the camera crap. Overall, B. SO! Hope everyone is good, and that the wallflowers that signed up give us some insight into their mundane worlds. It may not be interesting to you, but hey, it's a hell of a lot more interesting than watching reruns of Quantum Leap. Speaking of which...


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