Friday, October 28, 2005

Seattle Roll Call

. my name is supposedly: John "Frosty, Frostizzle, Rusty, the printer is down, large head wound" Morefield

. i am living in or near: Seattle, Ballard to be more specific, a neighbor hood three min. from down town

. the nearest chipotle is ___3___ miles away Up in th Udistrict near the University of Washington on thier "AVE" thank god the cat card still works

i am employed by (or at least "hanging out" at):. my employer/hangout website or other publication can be found at: SHED the same firm i worked with the summer before 5th year and wore the t-shirt of. We are a small design build firm 3 partners 2 employees, we are all licenced contractors as well, Im working on that part, so we actually strap on our bags and build the stuff. We are affiliaed with the Udub design build dept. and are close freinds with Stave Badaines, of Jersey devil. The partners fly out evey year for the rural studio final presentations.

my employer/hangout has me working on:. Everything I can get my hands on we have a large ptoject in downtown putting a penthouse and 2 stories ontop of a 3 st. brick building, and doing the gallery restaurant office as well as the top. I got my first STFI (Stiffy) permit down at the city the other week. Subject to field INspection, look it up. which was pretty cool, three hour meeting with the city official convincing him we qualified, when we didnt, but really needed the permit. We have a couple of houses we are building in the spring, so most of that I will be in thr field for.

on a scale of one to ten - ten being highest - my excitement about my employer/hangout would best be represented by the number: 10 my company has made some big changes in the last fe months and have some large goals. It is great to have the feeling your on the ground floor of something big. It is refreshing to go to work with people that are dedicated to craft and eager top learn. Being 20% of the entire company is a huge responsability, but it is an environmentwhere my experience and judgement is valued as one of the partners, dont worry they know i can be full of shit and call me on it, imagine working with Folan but not being scared of answering the question "what is your name" with a lack of sublime tectonic that makes you feel bad for letting him down.

. in arguing that my employer/hangout is better than yours, i would emphasize - even exaggerate - about my employer/hangout that:. We just got a new computer server system and I have been dubbed the CTO chief technology officer. So i do spend a lot of time settimg up email and fixing bugs. I have never eaten hot wings at the job though and it is all pretty critical to keep us on track and able to handle larger jobs.

also - in the interest of my argument - i would forget to mention to you or downplay the fact that:. i will be interesting by exceeding the minimum solicited information and adding that: I love my job and it is the right place for me. I miss all of you guys. Im in Tucson right now visiting my girlfriend and it is apparent that the third floor is gone. We are scattered along the coastlines, I guess the no water thing really had an affect on us, and everybody is out there acheving thier dreams. I relish the contact that we have maintianed and hope my next raise will be substaintail enough to cover my frequent flyer desires.

P.S> I have sent invites to the BLOG to everybody that has been mentioned, some just arent responding.

By the way all of you on the east coast complayning of rain. It has rained 2 days here and it is gorgeus, yeah seattle sucks man it rains all the damn time, dont move here it depressing!!! Suckers.


Blogger weibeld said...

frost - get a credit card with miles and buy building materials on it. at least i HEAR thats a good way to rack up the tickets...

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