Monday, October 24, 2005

nba commissioner david stern... or susan moody?

as you can see above, susan moody celebrates your engagement (as seen on what you can't see above is that i too am celebrating your engagement - though with ben & jerrys and in sweatpants. what was the day... the means? was it at the salk? are your rings plytanium? and - seriously - where do we send wedding gag gifts to? psssh... cute, how you ream everyone for blogger inactivity and then drop your inexplicit matrimony bomb.

rain falls on new york again and i hear that the afterthoughts of wilma & ensuing alpha will be headed this way to precipitate on my ass before too long. personally, i connect all of this recent rain to global warming and - more specifically - kim huston and her suburban.

work for me has been half days in the field pulling CM and half days in the office coordinating orders and such. i am on a "favor job" for a nonprofit and am trying to get it done ASAP before moving over to help with either one of two east harlem condos or a local preservation project. it has been an excellent introductory projectfor me though - with little pressure, a swift schedule and full responsibility. AND - on fridays i get i draw from the "labor relations" budget allocation to take hennessy to my framers - making me very popular with zbigniew, antoni and the others.

secretly, i hope to redeem my typical inability to fully finish projects in a given amount of time by being the first to run a project from initial design to construction & movein. please let me know if anyone has beaten me to it. but for now, it is bedtime for this old man. until next time... my best...


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