Monday, October 24, 2005

I'll take a crack at a blog

First off I must offer up congrats to Jessica for almost slipping one by me. I wish y'all the best of luck.

Now that sappy love crap is out of the way, it is time for some mutha-fucking hardcore blogging. The most interesting part of my day is lunch. Why you may ask, because I love food, and I love the conversations that happen there. I'm in a small office, 1-business manager, 1-Priniciple Architect, 2-Project Architects, 1-Intern (Me), and a receptionist. So mostly it is sitting around talking about past projects, clients, and the stories that go along with them. I think I'm learning more from that than all the drawing I do. My most rewarding moment so far is the fact that something I designed is going into construction. Not something big, but it was a TI for Douglas High School's Metal Shop. The coolest part is the welding stations I set up for the little money had. I'll post pics when they are finished. I know it's not a structure or building, but it was something I finally got to do on my own.

On the flip side here is the most embarrasing moment so far. My firm are the architects for the Fox Theatre Rehabiliation, I've been able to work on mostly with the head boss doing some CA work. Well one day I was doing a drawing for a meeting the next morning and it was for a staging yard next to the Theatre. Not to interesting to I wasn't really paying attention. So there is this dumbster in the yard and I mistakenly spelled it dumbster. Well my boss never caught it, so we go to the meetings (where I sit and don't say a thing), and one of the guys on Rio Nuevo notices it and brings it to everyone's attention (it is a group of about 10 guys). I'm turning bright red wishing the ground would swallow me up. So thats as bad as it has gotten. That and I occasionaly have to answer phones when the receptionist is gone, etc. I hate that.

So that is my experience as an intern thus far. I'll have been at it for a year this wednesday, so I'm hoping for a raise. If not, oh well. I hope to more to a bigger city, or bigger firm by the end of next summer, but I've still got a few reasons to stick around Tucson till then. My hookah is giving my a good buzz, and I just got two new CDs so I'm going to go zone out. Take it easy if you already aren't....



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