Thursday, October 06, 2005

I.D.P. (Interns Don't get Paid)

I think I finally worked through all of the forms, signatures, and categorizing of hours to understand IDP. It is really just another piece of paper that says you are still some measurable distance of time away from being able to take a huge ten-part test.

Sweet. I think I could have figured this out on my own, and still have my 200 bucks.

I've only got 175 credits so far, only 525 (4200 working hours) left. Also FYI, the library sends all un-paid fines to a collection agency. Imagine what the bank will say in 10 years when I ask for a house loan- Sorry Mr. Petersen you didn't pay your two dollar late fee from that construction book you borrowed while in college. Denied.

Back to work.


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