Friday, October 07, 2005

hudson river school

the 'rents are in town so i have been able to arrange an expedition beyond the sovereign Nation of New York City across the Hudson to America, in a automobile no less. we made for the catskills. i shouldn't be having culture shock. last night in the city we ordered food we couldn't pronounce, from a restaurant with no name, in a place you could never find. as the righteous signs at 42nd st. say: this is new york. but not tonight: bloomin' onions, obesity, tube socks, malls, jean shorts, ect. the geography i learned in school as this has become the namesake county of this. (hell if we're going that way i would at least like to see more of this) ...i wasn't aware the onset of The NY Attitude would be so sudden, where was the warning label? (may cause: shortness of money, thrills, ambivalence to claustrophobia, extensive walking, ignorance to the outside world, spontaneous ability to give directions complete with a plethora of routes and corresponding times/delays/shortcuts/available foodstuffs ect...)


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