Friday, October 14, 2005

grigsby here!

hello from the windy city(yes i am sitting here at work writing this, but it's friday and i'm a tad hungover and just flat out not in the mood to do any work!) well i'm trying to be the representative for the mid-west but it's a tough job.

how's everybody doin'? i finally had a looksie at this blog thing ... pretty interesting conversation...

well chicago is awesome and it was the best decision i've ever made to come here! not cold yet so i'm still a happy camper. although the other day i did go buy my "eskimo jacket" in preparation for the darkness that is soon to come. it's pretty much the kind you put on, dispear into and roll yourself out the door.

the j-o-b rocks too ... this firm loves to party! lets just say we have "beer fridays", which i know a lot of firms have, but i bet none of you can say that anytime after 3:30 you are allowed to crack a stella and sit back down at your desk and keep pluggin' away! we always have a plentifull supply of beer in the kitchen and should it ever be depleted, it is promptly replenished by delivery! ... oh and i guess the work is interesting too. we're (RTKL) at almost 70 people and steadily on the rise ... they plan to be at around 150 by this time next year. we'll be moving buildings because of that and one option is a whole floor in the rookery bldg ... come on think back to annie's class. right now we're in another historical building (because they're so rare around here) right in the heart of the dearborn corridor (get to hear the usual, everyday rallies and protests) and our office overlooks the federal plaza and mies' post office. i just might have an aneurysm with all this architecture ...

anyhoo here's just a couple pics that i have on hand here at work. they're all views from my balcony (my building is 46 stories and i'm on the measly 9th floor) and two of them show what i woke up to last sunday morning ... the incesant cheering for the 60,000 some odd people who ran by my building that morning in the chicago marathon.

hope all is well around the country, sorry for the novel and my apologies to those of you who have seen the pics already - grigsby ... go white sox ...

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