Tuesday, October 11, 2005

goodbye webmail

Occasionally, I like to see if my U of A email is still active. I checked today and it is. I'll save you all the trouble of scurrying to see it in all its remaining glory, and reprint a "fraudulent" email from Mr. William Walrat's actual email account.
I wonder if it was someone we know...

From: William Walrat

CALA windows & OS warriors,

a quick announcement about lab and classes... when classes bring YOU to the computer lab, i bring the hurt. if you would kindly abide by the following NEW network, computer & printer lab rules, i will continue to eat dirty chicken wings and continue to do absolutley nothing:

remember, ALL student computers (including laptops AND desktops) must be university registered BEFORE getting onto the network.

printing costs for the semester will be $2.00 per color print and $0.50 for black and white; DO NOT even think about using the plotter because you cannot afford it; if the catcard machine is down, or if you are able to bypass the print server and connect LOCALLY for free printing, then please leave print cost in the empty styrofoam wing box by my door

do not touch my saturn in the parking lot

i find it CONVENIENT that AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop have been removed from all computers in the lab, and ask that you please use these computer only for playing games; likewise, graduate lab computers are reserved for watching pornographic films

do NOT eat in the lab or near the printers; if you DO find food in either of these spaces, bring it to my attention - or better yet - to ME immediately, as i will be hungry

bon appetit,
william walrat

Mailed to the CAPLA listserv with his own email. He must be fuming on some IT blog.


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