Thursday, October 13, 2005


i havent seen blue in the sky for about a week now on the account of rain, and also have come to realize that sometimes the sky is actually white like photoshop. time has been flying in my employed world. our office just went over 30 people for the first time in their couple-decade history, and i find myself surrounded by more than a handful of yalesies. they talk about their also-dispersed grad classes and everyone seems to have a respective yalesie name, with some lucky folk having ended up being plural. its either "phil-sie" or "moore-sies" or some other suffixed ivy surname, and i find it pretty bizarre & really not all that original. maybe i am misunderstanding and those are actually their full last names, but that is even weirder. mostly, i am just bitter because they don't know who folan is, don't drink nimbus and havent heard of chupacabras. and, they use olfa knives.

fortunately, there are plenty of other eccentricities abound. like the guy who drops f-bombs on the most inappropriate of moments; the jumpy guy who must always be web browsing or something because he seems shocked and embarassed everytime a popup busts him with an obnoxious soundclip; or my favorite, the guy who remedies every undesirable confrontation with "ah, blow it out your ass." this definitely rivals "don't be a hero" and i am trying to work it into my own vocabulary as often as possible.

so, whats everyone up to? where workin? what projects? role call. we need some superlatives or something. who's gonna be the first to get published... fired... their own office... come on, this is good material to make wagers on.

finally, this hit the office listserv today - don't know if you've seen it yet - but i am glad to see that someone is putting kinetic modelling skillz to use though...


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