Friday, October 07, 2005

Excellent Greetings from the NE

Great to see everyone keeping in touch. I'll pass this along to some who may be missing. I hope that all is well in the post studio world. Really does studio ever really end? I feel as though I've joined the work force which is mearly comprised of studio for big people. A place where frequent breaks are taken to practice a put or break out the Friday beers and bbq. Although here is the New Englad twist, lunch doesn't pass by without comments concerning "THE SOX" or my boss striding in to converse with us about the Caraboo he just shot while hunting in Alaska. Keep it rolling.

(FYI there are still some people MIA from our contacts! Robert, Pete, Nasi and others who most likely would like to drop out of our reach for good which is completely there perogitive.)


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