Tuesday, October 25, 2005

damn, it's this cold in OCTOBER?!

you might think our proximity to the obviously named triboro bridge would give the weibelmeeks pad prime location from which to stage chupacabrikal expeditions into the heart of manhattan, the bronx, and queens. however the confluence of said boroughs occurs on wards (as in mental wards) island, far off the mta network, and for those without a vehicle (and victims of Side Projects...), inaccesible. this seems to have rendered astoria a sleepy neighborhood of retirees and families; not yet changed by hipsters, gentrification, and trendy real estate acronims (soho, dumbo, lobro). it's more like main street america with tree lined streets and stoop gardens. of course the ocasional laundromat, 24 hour deli, and pissed off drivers remind you this is still new york. from astoria park at hell's gate, where the long island sound and the east river collide, it is possible to see the city across the expansive buffer of shifting water. day and night the triboro casts a shadow here. when it is clear, this appears during the day and naturally disolves with sunset. but now at night as the floor of the atmosphere sits just above the towers of sixth avenue, the phosphoresecent glow of purple from union square, white from city corp, and the shifting spectrum of times square reflects off the low slung ice particles; and manhattan casts it's orange shadow out across the tri-state area. our seperation is furthered when a bum-fire in the queensboro tunnel cuts of the n/w train, giving me an excuse to wander into work at noon and walk through queens with the masses hoping the 7 is still running. but i think this is what new yorker's live for. a store room fire at west 4th cut off brooklyn friday, and as people slowly trickeled in to work everyone gathered to hear what alternate emergency route was taken and how long it took... "i sat in a b train undergroung for 45 minutes then had to run to the 4/5 on lexington where i transfered to the L to come across 14th to 8th, it smelt like bbq at the 6th ave station," sweet. "yeah, i figured the system was messed up so i hopped in a cab..."
super lame.


Blogger vandub said...

Sweet run on sentence.

7:40 PM  
Blogger meeks said...

periods are overrated...

6:07 AM  
Blogger Erik said...

why'd you go into architecture, your could've made a better living as a poet

11:32 AM  
Blogger mcmizzle said...

how bout some semicolons at least; it's like a new sentence but not

5:52 PM  

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