Sunday, October 09, 2005


What’s up everyone? Hope you all are doing well.

I am one of the few that stayed in good old Tucson…….but having fun just the same. We are doing some fun and cool stuff at work and I am starting to take the ARE exams……(fun stuff…..yeah right) I am studying for General Structures so I have been having flashbacks of 2nd year trimble’s class. I guess he did teach us something.

The family is doing well…..but they sometimes get sick of me because I am home a lot more than during school. Cooper is growing up and has turned into the little hurricane we always feared. Delaney is a kindergartener and talks like she is 18 years old…..I am not looking forward to this. Hahahaha.

Here are some pics of Coop with the rain boots he ALWAYS wears……he would sleep in them if we let him.

Well, I am looking forward to hearing about all you guys and where you are. Good job Frost, keeping this alive.

See ya later…….for now.



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