Thursday, October 20, 2005

bout ficken time I finally got back on this blogger thing...

So this technology stuff I guess is too much for me to handle. I have been unable to return to the blogger world until now, and possibly I will be lost in the reahlm of endlessly typing invalid passwords again trying to resume contact.

Six years I waited to leave Tucson and find a world of bliss. Well, i found it., but only in the natural sense. It is beautiful. Christ is it ever. 1 minute walk to a view of the coast. 3 minute bike ride to the beach. 2 minute drive to a nature preserve filled with the strangest trees you've seen that always make me think of weibel for some reason. I could see him spending all day in those trees. 5 minute drive to the most beautiful little town with cobble streets and a white sandy beach. 10 minute drive to the valley which is large rolling hills covered in yellow grasses and giant oaks, like scenes from "oh brother where art thou". 20 minute drive to big sur, several national forests, days and days of endless hiking trails and giant redwoods. Beautiful. You should all come visit and see it. But culturally.......

Like all of you in the big cities, things are expensive and I know we have all been going through a sticker shock. But you all are lucky because with any big city, you can find cheap eats, cheap beer, the occasional free corner to sit at for hours just to stop moving and the endless amount of options for where to work, where to meet people and how to be entertained. I swear, if I see one more ga-zillion year old rich white woman walking her poodle in her navy blue gold button jacket with a white scarf....ahhh. Where have all the artists gone? where is the culture? Monterey is full of white (and i mean the so pale oh my god get some sun white) tourists or rich retired. And Me? Well I stick out like a flaming red giant banana car. I have had so many comments on my hair, my earrings, my clothes, oh those shoes are interesting, my... look at that hat, what exactly does that tatoo say dear? I am trying my best not to conform. I miss you guys.

Personally, well things have been hard. There are very few jobs out here for christopher. So he is still looking for work. Everyone here has money...why create jobs. But we are living on my paycheck.......which is just making it for us.We are still in love....ahhh...gag for the guys....
But we have started fighting in unusual ways about unusal things...mostly to blow off steam. We have had so many text message and email fights...which I find to be so humorous. last night the arguement was about who was going to steal the firewood from safeway.

Work? Interesting. There is one project, a garage for a house on the coast, the clients were away in france for six months, they came back to the house not being finished, the contractor overcharging and most of the work being delayed...just a huge clusterF$%K. So get this..this weekend, they are flying in 14 tibetian monks to preform a ceremony on the garage to bless it and clean the energy. umm, ok?

We have another client out of state.....ok they define rich...the outdoor patio furniture budget for this million dollars.

I am dealing with consultants and permitting and am constant proving myself to be an idiot with how little I know about the buisness aspect of this crazy profession. We are still hiring. Folan?

Ok. Yeah I can be long winded. One more thing...Robert is in Stonington. Which is on the coast somewhere above meeks and doug. He is living in a lighthouse for free in a town where everyone already knows him because he's the first foreigner in a long time. Pretty funny.
Oh and wyatt...lighten up on melinda.


Blogger weibeld said...

lighthouse - thats unbelievable. does he get wireless up there? good to hear from ya v-dub, and happy beer fridays to all.

6:42 AM  

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