Friday, October 28, 2005

Because I've got a bad case of the Fridays... here we go

. my name is supposedly: Wyatt, warnold, "how tall are you,?" or lately Big S%$# Head.

. i am living in or near: San Francisco - More specifically the Marina neighborhood. Might as well call it Yuppie ville. Most people are quite young, attractive, fashionable and somehow wealthy. Basically if you wondered where all of the sorority and frat people ended up... They landed on there feet and are still making the rest of the people around them feel the exact same. But one can easily disassociate ones self with that crowd and walk to the presidio, ( park at the base of GG Bridge ) china town , crissy field, or go for a jog on the water. or any number of amazing places. We live one block from Union Street which is the street with about 20 restaurants and 15 bars. All frequented by the young professional crowd. All in all our place is amazing and the neighborhood is beautiful.

. the nearest chipotle is __2___ miles away ( - click the "FIND" link) _ downtown by the skyscrapers

. i am employed by (or at least "hanging out" at): Schwartz and Architecture. We are a 4 person firm( 3 senior level licensed Architects and 1 junior- me) who is very recently being featured in SF magazine, and one of our projects was on the Architecture Home Tours, and under review at dwell. We do residential, commercial, and competitions. My boss Neal Schwartz is a professor at CCA (California college of the Arts) and dinates the grataduate thesis students. He also coordinated that AIDS memorial competition some of you might remember and wrote the book, publishing the entrys.

. my employer/hangout website or other publication can be found at:

. my employer/hangout has me working on: A lot all at once. I put a permit set together for a remodel addition and I am currently doing as-builts on two new third story modern additions in the city. We dont really do anything ground up, few do in the city. All of that stuff from Folan, demolition plans and such is coming in so clutch. With such small projects I get very intimate attention to details, and create wonderful relationships with our clients, who are usually a young progressive thinking couple. Remember I have had very little office experience prior to this, so this seems to be a nice learning curve for me.

. on a scale of one to ten - ten being highest - my excitement about my employer/hangout would best be represented by the number: -10- I feel like I am really learning both the buisiness of a small firm and also the design and detailing of beautiful tranquil spaces. I am really happy

. in arguing that my employer/hangout is better than yours, i would emphasize - even exaggerate - about my employer/hangout that: My office has to be the most friendly , stress free comfortable palce I can imagine. It is as far from corporate as you can get while maintaining professionality. The office is adjoined to Neal's home and there is a garden out back where I sit and have relaxing lunches. It is increadibly inspiring creatively and yet lost all of the stress associated with school. I really feel like we are helping people directly too, which i enjoy.

. also - in the interest of my argument - i would forget to mention to you or downplay the fact that: My office is a home, and alot like working for Papa Bill Ba Boomba there is a dog that resides in the office with us. Could be pro or con - depending how you look at it. But at least there is no pool to clean if work get's slow!!!

. i will be interesting by exceeding the minimum solicited information and adding that:

While all of you have been shivering away in soggy city's, we in San Fran run a little behind schedule to what you're used to . For June and July it is one of the Coldest citys in the U.S. But fear not because we have whats called and Indian Summer. September and October have been Sunny, 65 and beautiful. It has yet to rain since I arrived in mid Aug for more than a few minutes like twice. I'm sure our gloom is on the way but for now, HA HA suckers.


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