Tuesday, October 25, 2005

and she's off the market!

well our little jessica also forgot to mention that she turned 30 years young on sunday! happy b-day and congrats!!! we'll cheers to it in about two months k?

well i can't give you interesting ... all i can give you is a big yippee for working weekends and until 1am on monday nights! thankgoodness for the beer supply, a cool boss and hourly wages.

chicago subways you ask? fortunately so far i have only heard the interesting stories. anyway i think they're only intereseting after 12 am and i've only mustered the courage (several alcoholic beverages) for that twice so far.

well really the most exciting thing here right now is the world series. now for anyone who knows me, they know i am a huge baseball fan, but getting sleep at night has become quite a challenge despite the 9 stories and triple pane windows. "woohoo! go white sox!" is becoming my least favorite phrase and fireworks have become merely typical. i am slightly scared for my well being if they win the whole thing ... but i must say ... woohoo! go white sox!

other things that keep life interesting is the occasional surrounding of the entire federal plaza block (right next door to work) with 22 firetrucks/emergency vehicles (yes we counted all that we could see) sirens and everything ... mindlessly scaring the CRAP out of everyone who works in a two block radius, and then leaving like nothing was wrong about 45 min. later.

on a side note, i have attended more lectures series in the last two weeks then i did the entire time in school. there are endless opportunities here to see so many great architects talk about their work. jess - yesterday i saw john ronan , didn't you look at his office?

glad to hear from everyone! keep 'em comin'



Blogger vandub said...

That's awesome. Yeah I looked at his work. Did you like it? Does your firm sponser the lectures?

3:58 PM  
Blogger Grigs said...

liked it a lot. no, the archicenter is about two blocks from here and they have lectures weekly @ noon. damn convenient!

7:34 AM  
Blogger vandub said...

Yeah well....I only have to drive to san fran to see stuff like that.
By the way, any new hotties or crushes I should know about?

7:50 AM  

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