Monday, October 31, 2005

for those who need to know

. my name is supposedly: Chris, McMizzle, the guy who watches a lot of movies

. i am living in or near: in: Marina Del Rey, next to Venice and the Ocean, near: Los Angeles and all the craziness there

. the nearest chipotle is ___1.39___ miles away: near the boats

. i am employed by (or at least "hanging out" at): Grant Studio, an hour and a half busride away in downtown LA

. my employer/hangout website or other publication can be found at: um...the future?

. my employer/hangout has me working on: house additions that are about to be submitted for final plan check

. on a scale of one to ten - ten being highest - my excitement about my employer/hangout would best be represented by the number: 9, I am very pleased with how much I am learning with my new boss, but I am still not in a group office. I have yet to be employed in a firm with more than one fulltimer besides me.

. in arguing that my employer/hangout is better than yours, i would emphasize - even exaggerate - about my employer/hangout that: I run it most of the time. HA!

. also - in the interest of my argument - i would forget to mention to you or downplay the fact that: I get paid in foodstamps.

. i will be interesting by exceeding the minimum solicited information and adding that: I rode the subway for the first time today, it was fast!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Because I've got a bad case of the Fridays... here we go

. my name is supposedly: Wyatt, warnold, "how tall are you,?" or lately Big S%$# Head.

. i am living in or near: San Francisco - More specifically the Marina neighborhood. Might as well call it Yuppie ville. Most people are quite young, attractive, fashionable and somehow wealthy. Basically if you wondered where all of the sorority and frat people ended up... They landed on there feet and are still making the rest of the people around them feel the exact same. But one can easily disassociate ones self with that crowd and walk to the presidio, ( park at the base of GG Bridge ) china town , crissy field, or go for a jog on the water. or any number of amazing places. We live one block from Union Street which is the street with about 20 restaurants and 15 bars. All frequented by the young professional crowd. All in all our place is amazing and the neighborhood is beautiful.

. the nearest chipotle is __2___ miles away ( - click the "FIND" link) _ downtown by the skyscrapers

. i am employed by (or at least "hanging out" at): Schwartz and Architecture. We are a 4 person firm( 3 senior level licensed Architects and 1 junior- me) who is very recently being featured in SF magazine, and one of our projects was on the Architecture Home Tours, and under review at dwell. We do residential, commercial, and competitions. My boss Neal Schwartz is a professor at CCA (California college of the Arts) and dinates the grataduate thesis students. He also coordinated that AIDS memorial competition some of you might remember and wrote the book, publishing the entrys.

. my employer/hangout website or other publication can be found at:

. my employer/hangout has me working on: A lot all at once. I put a permit set together for a remodel addition and I am currently doing as-builts on two new third story modern additions in the city. We dont really do anything ground up, few do in the city. All of that stuff from Folan, demolition plans and such is coming in so clutch. With such small projects I get very intimate attention to details, and create wonderful relationships with our clients, who are usually a young progressive thinking couple. Remember I have had very little office experience prior to this, so this seems to be a nice learning curve for me.

. on a scale of one to ten - ten being highest - my excitement about my employer/hangout would best be represented by the number: -10- I feel like I am really learning both the buisiness of a small firm and also the design and detailing of beautiful tranquil spaces. I am really happy

. in arguing that my employer/hangout is better than yours, i would emphasize - even exaggerate - about my employer/hangout that: My office has to be the most friendly , stress free comfortable palce I can imagine. It is as far from corporate as you can get while maintaining professionality. The office is adjoined to Neal's home and there is a garden out back where I sit and have relaxing lunches. It is increadibly inspiring creatively and yet lost all of the stress associated with school. I really feel like we are helping people directly too, which i enjoy.

. also - in the interest of my argument - i would forget to mention to you or downplay the fact that: My office is a home, and alot like working for Papa Bill Ba Boomba there is a dog that resides in the office with us. Could be pro or con - depending how you look at it. But at least there is no pool to clean if work get's slow!!!

. i will be interesting by exceeding the minimum solicited information and adding that:

While all of you have been shivering away in soggy city's, we in San Fran run a little behind schedule to what you're used to . For June and July it is one of the Coldest citys in the U.S. But fear not because we have whats called and Indian Summer. September and October have been Sunny, 65 and beautiful. It has yet to rain since I arrived in mid Aug for more than a few minutes like twice. I'm sure our gloom is on the way but for now, HA HA suckers.

Seattle Roll Call

. my name is supposedly: John "Frosty, Frostizzle, Rusty, the printer is down, large head wound" Morefield

. i am living in or near: Seattle, Ballard to be more specific, a neighbor hood three min. from down town

. the nearest chipotle is ___3___ miles away Up in th Udistrict near the University of Washington on thier "AVE" thank god the cat card still works

i am employed by (or at least "hanging out" at):. my employer/hangout website or other publication can be found at: SHED the same firm i worked with the summer before 5th year and wore the t-shirt of. We are a small design build firm 3 partners 2 employees, we are all licenced contractors as well, Im working on that part, so we actually strap on our bags and build the stuff. We are affiliaed with the Udub design build dept. and are close freinds with Stave Badaines, of Jersey devil. The partners fly out evey year for the rural studio final presentations.

my employer/hangout has me working on:. Everything I can get my hands on we have a large ptoject in downtown putting a penthouse and 2 stories ontop of a 3 st. brick building, and doing the gallery restaurant office as well as the top. I got my first STFI (Stiffy) permit down at the city the other week. Subject to field INspection, look it up. which was pretty cool, three hour meeting with the city official convincing him we qualified, when we didnt, but really needed the permit. We have a couple of houses we are building in the spring, so most of that I will be in thr field for.

on a scale of one to ten - ten being highest - my excitement about my employer/hangout would best be represented by the number: 10 my company has made some big changes in the last fe months and have some large goals. It is great to have the feeling your on the ground floor of something big. It is refreshing to go to work with people that are dedicated to craft and eager top learn. Being 20% of the entire company is a huge responsability, but it is an environmentwhere my experience and judgement is valued as one of the partners, dont worry they know i can be full of shit and call me on it, imagine working with Folan but not being scared of answering the question "what is your name" with a lack of sublime tectonic that makes you feel bad for letting him down.

. in arguing that my employer/hangout is better than yours, i would emphasize - even exaggerate - about my employer/hangout that:. We just got a new computer server system and I have been dubbed the CTO chief technology officer. So i do spend a lot of time settimg up email and fixing bugs. I have never eaten hot wings at the job though and it is all pretty critical to keep us on track and able to handle larger jobs.

also - in the interest of my argument - i would forget to mention to you or downplay the fact that:. i will be interesting by exceeding the minimum solicited information and adding that: I love my job and it is the right place for me. I miss all of you guys. Im in Tucson right now visiting my girlfriend and it is apparent that the third floor is gone. We are scattered along the coastlines, I guess the no water thing really had an affect on us, and everybody is out there acheving thier dreams. I relish the contact that we have maintianed and hope my next raise will be substaintail enough to cover my frequent flyer desires.

P.S> I have sent invites to the BLOG to everybody that has been mentioned, some just arent responding.

By the way all of you on the east coast complayning of rain. It has rained 2 days here and it is gorgeus, yeah seattle sucks man it rains all the damn time, dont move here it depressing!!! Suckers.

i second the notion

consider this a role-call laxative. COPY - PASTE - and LET IT ALL OUT.


. my name is supposedly:
. i am living in or near:
. the nearest chipotle is ______ miles away ( - click the "FIND" link)

. i am employed by (or at least "hanging out" at):
. my employer/hangout website or other publication can be found at:
. my employer/hangout has me working on:

. on a scale of one to ten - ten being highest - my excitement about my employer/hangout would best be represented by the number:
. in arguing that my employer/hangout is better than yours, i would emphasize - even exaggerate - about my employer/hangout that:
. also - in the interest of my argument - i would forget to mention to you or downplay the fact that:

. i will be interesting by exceeding the minimum solicited information and adding that:


weekly friday wishes to all. watch for meeks, channing frye and i at the knicks game tonight - two of us will be somewhere behind the basket.


Out of curiosity...I'd like to see where people are working and what kind of stuff they are working on. Is it possible to add your office link to the list?

Roll call... there has still got to be people missing from this blog... Frosty where's your list of everyone?

I suppose that it is possible that "people" as (I shall hence forth refer to them as) have just decided that the 5 years of blood, sweat and tears we all went through is justifiable to walk away from, potentially rendering them exiles from the CAPLA05 world. To each their own I know.. but how disappointing that this network of near-family is dropped from their realm. Does the fraze 'keep in touch' mean nothing?

Meeks & NYC Co. We should meet up in the city sometime, (perhaps when the weather is warmer?) Is anyone in the Boston area?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

it's official!

The city was actually very well behaved ... no rioting anyway. I think the SWAT teams on corners may have been intimidating for some. I was at a bar in Streeterville, north of downtown, and the south side is where the real action was. But needless to say there was more endless fireworks, shouting and honking to be heard all through the night, along with you're typical strangers hugging strangers and everyone on the street being your new best friend.

White Sox

Grigs - Tell me you are out partying with the rest of Chicago. Drop some stories on us of how crazy the city is right now.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

No Anchovies Friday 5:30

Those of you still in Tucson, I’m flying in Thursday from Seattle, I will be at No Anchovies Friday night at 5:30.  Yeah I know nothing changes! I don’t know who is really down there anymore but all who find this message, be sure to drop bye or give me a call, It would be great to see you all, first Beer is on the person with the biggest paycheck.





JOHN MOREFIELD + 206.320.8700




role call

We have some MIA's that need to be reported.
Frosty, wanna send them invites?

Laura is:
robert is:

And where is:
Hidenori?.....come on ryan, we all know you have his info.

Our blessed founding fathers:

Would love to see their english skills.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

damn, it's this cold in OCTOBER?!

you might think our proximity to the obviously named triboro bridge would give the weibelmeeks pad prime location from which to stage chupacabrikal expeditions into the heart of manhattan, the bronx, and queens. however the confluence of said boroughs occurs on wards (as in mental wards) island, far off the mta network, and for those without a vehicle (and victims of Side Projects...), inaccesible. this seems to have rendered astoria a sleepy neighborhood of retirees and families; not yet changed by hipsters, gentrification, and trendy real estate acronims (soho, dumbo, lobro). it's more like main street america with tree lined streets and stoop gardens. of course the ocasional laundromat, 24 hour deli, and pissed off drivers remind you this is still new york. from astoria park at hell's gate, where the long island sound and the east river collide, it is possible to see the city across the expansive buffer of shifting water. day and night the triboro casts a shadow here. when it is clear, this appears during the day and naturally disolves with sunset. but now at night as the floor of the atmosphere sits just above the towers of sixth avenue, the phosphoresecent glow of purple from union square, white from city corp, and the shifting spectrum of times square reflects off the low slung ice particles; and manhattan casts it's orange shadow out across the tri-state area. our seperation is furthered when a bum-fire in the queensboro tunnel cuts of the n/w train, giving me an excuse to wander into work at noon and walk through queens with the masses hoping the 7 is still running. but i think this is what new yorker's live for. a store room fire at west 4th cut off brooklyn friday, and as people slowly trickeled in to work everyone gathered to hear what alternate emergency route was taken and how long it took... "i sat in a b train undergroung for 45 minutes then had to run to the 4/5 on lexington where i transfered to the L to come across 14th to 8th, it smelt like bbq at the 6th ave station," sweet. "yeah, i figured the system was messed up so i hopped in a cab..."
super lame.

Luxury Dog Beds : Philipp Plein Bed - Postmodern Pets

I wonder if this would be good for Chihuahua's ?

Luxury Dog Beds : Philipp Plein Bed - Postmodern Pets

Sopping Wet

Its raining, its pouring... and has been for a few weeks now. I even schelped around it yesterday out on the coast looking at a new site. Complete with reporters, top city officials, and plenty of nosy people. It was all very political and so it is so things can get accomplished all by means of shaking the right hands and laughing at the sarcastic jokes behind the back of the reporter who could make or break the development of the project. I tried to do more observing and stay out of the way. Although in this case I was one who knew the most about the site and the dynamics of our possibilies. Walking on eggshells to keep it all on the DL until something breaks later on. Tricky, tricky in NE.

and she's off the market!

well our little jessica also forgot to mention that she turned 30 years young on sunday! happy b-day and congrats!!! we'll cheers to it in about two months k?

well i can't give you interesting ... all i can give you is a big yippee for working weekends and until 1am on monday nights! thankgoodness for the beer supply, a cool boss and hourly wages.

chicago subways you ask? fortunately so far i have only heard the interesting stories. anyway i think they're only intereseting after 12 am and i've only mustered the courage (several alcoholic beverages) for that twice so far.

well really the most exciting thing here right now is the world series. now for anyone who knows me, they know i am a huge baseball fan, but getting sleep at night has become quite a challenge despite the 9 stories and triple pane windows. "woohoo! go white sox!" is becoming my least favorite phrase and fireworks have become merely typical. i am slightly scared for my well being if they win the whole thing ... but i must say ... woohoo! go white sox!

other things that keep life interesting is the occasional surrounding of the entire federal plaza block (right next door to work) with 22 firetrucks/emergency vehicles (yes we counted all that we could see) sirens and everything ... mindlessly scaring the CRAP out of everyone who works in a two block radius, and then leaving like nothing was wrong about 45 min. later.

on a side note, i have attended more lectures series in the last two weeks then i did the entire time in school. there are endless opportunities here to see so many great architects talk about their work. jess - yesterday i saw john ronan , didn't you look at his office?

glad to hear from everyone! keep 'em comin'


Monday, October 24, 2005

nba commissioner david stern... or susan moody?

as you can see above, susan moody celebrates your engagement (as seen on what you can't see above is that i too am celebrating your engagement - though with ben & jerrys and in sweatpants. what was the day... the means? was it at the salk? are your rings plytanium? and - seriously - where do we send wedding gag gifts to? psssh... cute, how you ream everyone for blogger inactivity and then drop your inexplicit matrimony bomb.

rain falls on new york again and i hear that the afterthoughts of wilma & ensuing alpha will be headed this way to precipitate on my ass before too long. personally, i connect all of this recent rain to global warming and - more specifically - kim huston and her suburban.

work for me has been half days in the field pulling CM and half days in the office coordinating orders and such. i am on a "favor job" for a nonprofit and am trying to get it done ASAP before moving over to help with either one of two east harlem condos or a local preservation project. it has been an excellent introductory projectfor me though - with little pressure, a swift schedule and full responsibility. AND - on fridays i get i draw from the "labor relations" budget allocation to take hennessy to my framers - making me very popular with zbigniew, antoni and the others.

secretly, i hope to redeem my typical inability to fully finish projects in a given amount of time by being the first to run a project from initial design to construction & movein. please let me know if anyone has beaten me to it. but for now, it is bedtime for this old man. until next time... my best...

the valley

Way to go Jessica! You picked a real winner, and from what I hear he's a great kisser...
So LA is getting all foggy and damp for some reason. And there is some real heat in California for this special election crap. Speaking of which if all of you who moved here didn't register to vote, shame on you. But if you're republican, way to go!
Anyway, on to business, my new job downtown is pretty cool. The guy I work for just got registered as an architect and he's got plans to start a larger firm in the near future. He's been working me like a dog, but what's special about that right? The first week I had three days that I stayed until 11pm. I know, big friggin deal. So he's cool, there are two other firms that share our office, so it's all architectured out. Two of them teach at SCI-Arc and another teaches at USC. Speaking of which, USC is looking for a new dean for the architecture college, any takers? I nominate Billy Ng if anyone finds him again.
So today I met with my recently introduced second cousin I didn't know I had who is a working actor out here in tinsel town. You may have seen him in such classics as Centipede! or on some episode of The Gilmor Girls. I'm going to be moving in with him at the beginning of December. Then I'll be a resident of North Hollywood, and taking the Los Angeles subway (yeah I was surprised there was a subway too, it's actually brand new and almost clean) to downtown to work everyday. It'll be a whole new page in the McMillan saga I'll tell you...actually I just did, but I'll tell you again if you want me to. So that's my update, I just finished watching Crash finally, and it was strange since I live in Los Angeles now. I would say that it's an accurate portrayal of city life here, aside for all the acting for the camera crap. Overall, B. SO! Hope everyone is good, and that the wallflowers that signed up give us some insight into their mundane worlds. It may not be interesting to you, but hey, it's a hell of a lot more interesting than watching reruns of Quantum Leap. Speaking of which...

I'll take a crack at a blog

First off I must offer up congrats to Jessica for almost slipping one by me. I wish y'all the best of luck.

Now that sappy love crap is out of the way, it is time for some mutha-fucking hardcore blogging. The most interesting part of my day is lunch. Why you may ask, because I love food, and I love the conversations that happen there. I'm in a small office, 1-business manager, 1-Priniciple Architect, 2-Project Architects, 1-Intern (Me), and a receptionist. So mostly it is sitting around talking about past projects, clients, and the stories that go along with them. I think I'm learning more from that than all the drawing I do. My most rewarding moment so far is the fact that something I designed is going into construction. Not something big, but it was a TI for Douglas High School's Metal Shop. The coolest part is the welding stations I set up for the little money had. I'll post pics when they are finished. I know it's not a structure or building, but it was something I finally got to do on my own.

On the flip side here is the most embarrasing moment so far. My firm are the architects for the Fox Theatre Rehabiliation, I've been able to work on mostly with the head boss doing some CA work. Well one day I was doing a drawing for a meeting the next morning and it was for a staging yard next to the Theatre. Not to interesting to I wasn't really paying attention. So there is this dumbster in the yard and I mistakenly spelled it dumbster. Well my boss never caught it, so we go to the meetings (where I sit and don't say a thing), and one of the guys on Rio Nuevo notices it and brings it to everyone's attention (it is a group of about 10 guys). I'm turning bright red wishing the ground would swallow me up. So thats as bad as it has gotten. That and I occasionaly have to answer phones when the receptionist is gone, etc. I hate that.

So that is my experience as an intern thus far. I'll have been at it for a year this wednesday, so I'm hoping for a raise. If not, oh well. I hope to more to a bigger city, or bigger firm by the end of next summer, but I've still got a few reasons to stick around Tucson till then. My hookah is giving my a good buzz, and I just got two new CDs so I'm going to go zone out. Take it easy if you already aren't....



No more interesting stories from everyone? No more creative accounts of your daily activity? Where is the passion guys? I want the mundane details from everyone's life that makes it interesting, the bland, strange details that kept us all relating before.
Grigsby, I'm sure you've seen some pretty strange things on the Chicago subways. Losing interest in this form of communication if it becomes and endless posting of toilet videos and grotesque pictures of bill stamm that I would rather not see.
Where'd the love for the bizarre go?
And where the hell is hide?

ps... got engaged. Shhhhh! no crying Grigsby.


Open this video, its large. (Click on the Title) This is the DEMO robot that is eating our building. It eats a toilet in the video. Man the fun we could of had with this in the centrum!!


Meeks, Those are awesome!!

You are the man.

We will get a good "Yuk" out of these.


Friday, October 21, 2005

more of the same...

wes, if bingo didn't satisify, here is another oldie but goodie.

the origional

here it is, that which caused an entire class to actually pay attention to every work of this man for one full class period.


I heard the word "re-nig" from almost everyone's mouth in the office today. I guess as pc as California is, apparently this is not racist at all for them. Shocking.
Friday night at the office. As a 30th birthday present to me, apparently my boss thought it would be nice for me to have to work this weekend because he forgot that the clients were coming in on Monday. This he said as he was running out the door at noon to go to Berkeley for a Cheryl crow

Thursday, October 20, 2005

bout ficken time I finally got back on this blogger thing...

So this technology stuff I guess is too much for me to handle. I have been unable to return to the blogger world until now, and possibly I will be lost in the reahlm of endlessly typing invalid passwords again trying to resume contact.

Six years I waited to leave Tucson and find a world of bliss. Well, i found it., but only in the natural sense. It is beautiful. Christ is it ever. 1 minute walk to a view of the coast. 3 minute bike ride to the beach. 2 minute drive to a nature preserve filled with the strangest trees you've seen that always make me think of weibel for some reason. I could see him spending all day in those trees. 5 minute drive to the most beautiful little town with cobble streets and a white sandy beach. 10 minute drive to the valley which is large rolling hills covered in yellow grasses and giant oaks, like scenes from "oh brother where art thou". 20 minute drive to big sur, several national forests, days and days of endless hiking trails and giant redwoods. Beautiful. You should all come visit and see it. But culturally.......

Like all of you in the big cities, things are expensive and I know we have all been going through a sticker shock. But you all are lucky because with any big city, you can find cheap eats, cheap beer, the occasional free corner to sit at for hours just to stop moving and the endless amount of options for where to work, where to meet people and how to be entertained. I swear, if I see one more ga-zillion year old rich white woman walking her poodle in her navy blue gold button jacket with a white scarf....ahhh. Where have all the artists gone? where is the culture? Monterey is full of white (and i mean the so pale oh my god get some sun white) tourists or rich retired. And Me? Well I stick out like a flaming red giant banana car. I have had so many comments on my hair, my earrings, my clothes, oh those shoes are interesting, my... look at that hat, what exactly does that tatoo say dear? I am trying my best not to conform. I miss you guys.

Personally, well things have been hard. There are very few jobs out here for christopher. So he is still looking for work. Everyone here has money...why create jobs. But we are living on my paycheck.......which is just making it for us.We are still in love....ahhh...gag for the guys....
But we have started fighting in unusual ways about unusal things...mostly to blow off steam. We have had so many text message and email fights...which I find to be so humorous. last night the arguement was about who was going to steal the firewood from safeway.

Work? Interesting. There is one project, a garage for a house on the coast, the clients were away in france for six months, they came back to the house not being finished, the contractor overcharging and most of the work being delayed...just a huge clusterF$%K. So get this..this weekend, they are flying in 14 tibetian monks to preform a ceremony on the garage to bless it and clean the energy. umm, ok?

We have another client out of state.....ok they define rich...the outdoor patio furniture budget for this million dollars.

I am dealing with consultants and permitting and am constant proving myself to be an idiot with how little I know about the buisness aspect of this crazy profession. We are still hiring. Folan?

Ok. Yeah I can be long winded. One more thing...Robert is in Stonington. Which is on the coast somewhere above meeks and doug. He is living in a lighthouse for free in a town where everyone already knows him because he's the first foreigner in a long time. Pretty funny.
Oh and wyatt...lighten up on melinda.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

wyatt, where did the sweet picture of melinda snoozing go? meeks didnt get to see it. please repost.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

after weeks of being out of stock, i was finally able to order my architecture sucks tshirt tonight.

Stamm Bingo?

Does anyone have a copy of that "Stamm Bingo" card.

I was reminiscing with some of his former students from years past and we were talking about all his sayings.

They were "Dieing" when I told them about "Stamm Bingo"

Good Stuff!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Beer Fridays SHED STYLE

Ok so this wasnt a friday, but it was the table setting for our meeting. The table is two file cabinets and we made a special beer run in honor of having a "Real Corporate Meeting Thingy"

grigsby here!

hello from the windy city(yes i am sitting here at work writing this, but it's friday and i'm a tad hungover and just flat out not in the mood to do any work!) well i'm trying to be the representative for the mid-west but it's a tough job.

how's everybody doin'? i finally had a looksie at this blog thing ... pretty interesting conversation...

well chicago is awesome and it was the best decision i've ever made to come here! not cold yet so i'm still a happy camper. although the other day i did go buy my "eskimo jacket" in preparation for the darkness that is soon to come. it's pretty much the kind you put on, dispear into and roll yourself out the door.

the j-o-b rocks too ... this firm loves to party! lets just say we have "beer fridays", which i know a lot of firms have, but i bet none of you can say that anytime after 3:30 you are allowed to crack a stella and sit back down at your desk and keep pluggin' away! we always have a plentifull supply of beer in the kitchen and should it ever be depleted, it is promptly replenished by delivery! ... oh and i guess the work is interesting too. we're (RTKL) at almost 70 people and steadily on the rise ... they plan to be at around 150 by this time next year. we'll be moving buildings because of that and one option is a whole floor in the rookery bldg ... come on think back to annie's class. right now we're in another historical building (because they're so rare around here) right in the heart of the dearborn corridor (get to hear the usual, everyday rallies and protests) and our office overlooks the federal plaza and mies' post office. i just might have an aneurysm with all this architecture ...

anyhoo here's just a couple pics that i have on hand here at work. they're all views from my balcony (my building is 46 stories and i'm on the measly 9th floor) and two of them show what i woke up to last sunday morning ... the incesant cheering for the 60,000 some odd people who ran by my building that morning in the chicago marathon.

hope all is well around the country, sorry for the novel and my apologies to those of you who have seen the pics already - grigsby ... go white sox ...

new# 312.799.0413

Thursday, October 13, 2005


i havent seen blue in the sky for about a week now on the account of rain, and also have come to realize that sometimes the sky is actually white like photoshop. time has been flying in my employed world. our office just went over 30 people for the first time in their couple-decade history, and i find myself surrounded by more than a handful of yalesies. they talk about their also-dispersed grad classes and everyone seems to have a respective yalesie name, with some lucky folk having ended up being plural. its either "phil-sie" or "moore-sies" or some other suffixed ivy surname, and i find it pretty bizarre & really not all that original. maybe i am misunderstanding and those are actually their full last names, but that is even weirder. mostly, i am just bitter because they don't know who folan is, don't drink nimbus and havent heard of chupacabras. and, they use olfa knives.

fortunately, there are plenty of other eccentricities abound. like the guy who drops f-bombs on the most inappropriate of moments; the jumpy guy who must always be web browsing or something because he seems shocked and embarassed everytime a popup busts him with an obnoxious soundclip; or my favorite, the guy who remedies every undesirable confrontation with "ah, blow it out your ass." this definitely rivals "don't be a hero" and i am trying to work it into my own vocabulary as often as possible.

so, whats everyone up to? where workin? what projects? role call. we need some superlatives or something. who's gonna be the first to get published... fired... their own office... come on, this is good material to make wagers on.

finally, this hit the office listserv today - don't know if you've seen it yet - but i am glad to see that someone is putting kinetic modelling skillz to use though...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

doggy compressive loads

its looks like ralph and our peepee-poopoo pal have collaborated to produce some brilliant new german engineering. spec it in all of your LEED-aspiring buildings.

fantasy anyone?

So i'm going to start a fantasy basketball league, anyone interested in joining send me an email. Wyatt, Kuchen?... dweibel is already in, if you've got suggestions of anyone else we'll need about 5 more ppl. Props to whomever it was that sent that email from walrath, thats awesome. btw, all your email accounts will probably be getting shut down on october 20something same as mine.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

goodbye webmail

Occasionally, I like to see if my U of A email is still active. I checked today and it is. I'll save you all the trouble of scurrying to see it in all its remaining glory, and reprint a "fraudulent" email from Mr. William Walrat's actual email account.
I wonder if it was someone we know...

From: William Walrat

CALA windows & OS warriors,

a quick announcement about lab and classes... when classes bring YOU to the computer lab, i bring the hurt. if you would kindly abide by the following NEW network, computer & printer lab rules, i will continue to eat dirty chicken wings and continue to do absolutley nothing:

remember, ALL student computers (including laptops AND desktops) must be university registered BEFORE getting onto the network.

printing costs for the semester will be $2.00 per color print and $0.50 for black and white; DO NOT even think about using the plotter because you cannot afford it; if the catcard machine is down, or if you are able to bypass the print server and connect LOCALLY for free printing, then please leave print cost in the empty styrofoam wing box by my door

do not touch my saturn in the parking lot

i find it CONVENIENT that AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop have been removed from all computers in the lab, and ask that you please use these computer only for playing games; likewise, graduate lab computers are reserved for watching pornographic films

do NOT eat in the lab or near the printers; if you DO find food in either of these spaces, bring it to my attention - or better yet - to ME immediately, as i will be hungry

bon appetit,
william walrat

Mailed to the CAPLA listserv with his own email. He must be fuming on some IT blog.

How tall was Frank Lloyd Wright?

Check out the truth behind Wright...

Do Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings have low ceilings because he was short?

gehry's pool boy

is nothing sacred!

"design that building with your ACTING!"

click here for the full story, and the complete history of pitt's other "relationship"

Words from the Hippie state

Lets keep it clean folks, there are mormons present.

Snipes are a part of life, like puting on your socks in the morning, sometimes they stink but you just got to keep walking on them..


im going to skip the smart talk..."WYATT YOU ARE A (large person whom i dont like right now)!"


watch the slide show - it has something like 10 pics.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Getting all wet ?

At least I was able to solve my hygenic problems as now I am able to avoid "showering down."


Leo da inventor guy

Hey I just found this online. The British Library lets you "flip" through one of Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks. You'll need Flash to be cool. Enjoy.


Bout time

So the SF crew finally moved into our very own place in the city. We live in the neighborhood called Cow Hollow. The place is sweet but a little cramped in the rooms. The view out the back is somthing to be proud of. Come on out and visit now ya hear!


Sunday, October 09, 2005


What’s up everyone? Hope you all are doing well.

I am one of the few that stayed in good old Tucson…….but having fun just the same. We are doing some fun and cool stuff at work and I am starting to take the ARE exams……(fun stuff…..yeah right) I am studying for General Structures so I have been having flashbacks of 2nd year trimble’s class. I guess he did teach us something.

The family is doing well…..but they sometimes get sick of me because I am home a lot more than during school. Cooper is growing up and has turned into the little hurricane we always feared. Delaney is a kindergartener and talks like she is 18 years old…..I am not looking forward to this. Hahahaha.

Here are some pics of Coop with the rain boots he ALWAYS wears……he would sleep in them if we let him.

Well, I am looking forward to hearing about all you guys and where you are. Good job Frost, keeping this alive.

See ya later…….for now.


happy (early) halloween

monsters are real children...

you just been zahaed.

Friday, October 07, 2005

hudson river school

the 'rents are in town so i have been able to arrange an expedition beyond the sovereign Nation of New York City across the Hudson to America, in a automobile no less. we made for the catskills. i shouldn't be having culture shock. last night in the city we ordered food we couldn't pronounce, from a restaurant with no name, in a place you could never find. as the righteous signs at 42nd st. say: this is new york. but not tonight: bloomin' onions, obesity, tube socks, malls, jean shorts, ect. the geography i learned in school as this has become the namesake county of this. (hell if we're going that way i would at least like to see more of this) ...i wasn't aware the onset of The NY Attitude would be so sudden, where was the warning label? (may cause: shortness of money, thrills, ambivalence to claustrophobia, extensive walking, ignorance to the outside world, spontaneous ability to give directions complete with a plethora of routes and corresponding times/delays/shortcuts/available foodstuffs ect...)

Excellent Greetings from the NE

Great to see everyone keeping in touch. I'll pass this along to some who may be missing. I hope that all is well in the post studio world. Really does studio ever really end? I feel as though I've joined the work force which is mearly comprised of studio for big people. A place where frequent breaks are taken to practice a put or break out the Friday beers and bbq. Although here is the New Englad twist, lunch doesn't pass by without comments concerning "THE SOX" or my boss striding in to converse with us about the Caraboo he just shot while hunting in Alaska. Keep it rolling.

(FYI there are still some people MIA from our contacts! Robert, Pete, Nasi and others who most likely would like to drop out of our reach for good which is completely there perogitive.)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I.D.P. (Interns Don't get Paid)

I think I finally worked through all of the forms, signatures, and categorizing of hours to understand IDP. It is really just another piece of paper that says you are still some measurable distance of time away from being able to take a huge ten-part test.

Sweet. I think I could have figured this out on my own, and still have my 200 bucks.

I've only got 175 credits so far, only 525 (4200 working hours) left. Also FYI, the library sends all un-paid fines to a collection agency. Imagine what the bank will say in 10 years when I ask for a house loan- Sorry Mr. Petersen you didn't pay your two dollar late fee from that construction book you borrowed while in college. Denied.

Back to work.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Blogging for blogs sake

Hey, I'm back, and more than a catchy tune this time.
I as well found it to be difficult to post to this blog, but not due to any misinterpretation of Mr. Frost Man's lucent instructions. It turns out that there is a very easy way to accidentially create two accounts, which I have done. So if any of you are still having problems, this may be the case. Anyway, I figured it out, and I feel like I've accomplished something.
Alright, now on to my obligatory summation of my current standings in life. I am employed. I am still in LA. I am no longer working for the techno-hippy, but now a first year studio teacher at Woodbury. I am also working downtown in one of the many tall buildings. I take the bus every day now an hour each way. Gives me a chance to...catch up on music? Needless to say, I still don't have a car, and I still haven't changed my phone # to a local LA area code.
In closing, in case anyone wants to know, the last movie I saw was A History of Violence, and I would recommend everyone see it, because hey, who doesn't love violence?
Maybe sometime I'll make it up to NorCal to see some of the others who've ventured west...until then, here's a little something I think you'll all recognize:

New INvites

Send the Email address’s of people we need to get on the gYrating BloG  








I don’t think the faculty wants to be able to keep tabs on this thing so keep it D L


JOHN MOREFIELD + 206.320.8700





CHuPaCa PACIFIC is on point and ready for service... Mo-bil-ize y'all.
Frost be sure you sent the e-vite to all of the key players. I think that we are missing some serious hilarity.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Email Posting to CAPLA05

So, you want to know how to post to the blog!!  Here are some easy to follow steps.  Don’t worry Folan did not write them, they are not sublime or tectonic, they follow all that you have learned outside of school, just get the shit done and move ON!! 


-First click on the BLOGGER icon in the top right hand side.

-log in using your name and password

-choose the blog

-create a post

-don’t forget to hit the publish button.


While your logged in go to settings and check out the Email-to-blog link,  you can set up an address where you can compose your blog post via email, or even send pics from your phone.


John Morefield







HOws Bouts A HEEEEEEELLLLLLL YEAAH, I got some extra cash floatin around for some underpaid photography jobs, just like the third floor (Bitches). I say we take out an add in the local BUM paper and make Lesbian Siegals office the new food bank.

Monday, October 03, 2005

who is this suspicious man that fell out of an old sketchbook tonight - after at least a couple years of solitary confinement between unmarked pages...

Sunday, October 02, 2005


frost i hear that you were born the same day that mount st helens erupted. can you confirm this so that i can make ammends to my cosmos theories?

so, salaried suckers - anyone interested in sending a singing belly dancer or maybe a french maid to tues/thurs room 103? or maybe an exotic construction worker to design/build? come on, at least an order of hot wings for wallrat...

i know no ones hitting six digits quite yet other than jess van dub, but anyone else interested in starting a fund to maintain our presence in the trenches? with a few "yea's" we could hook up to a paypal account or something and have 100 water weenies on siegel's desk by monday... and i know you'll have better ideas. what CAN'T be ordered online for delivery?