Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Life in Ballard

For those of you I havent contacted in a while, I live in a suburb of Seattle, Ballard. It was started as a small fishing community by scandinavain Vikings. I have two roomates Jeff, 29, physical therapist, and Sara,24 High School Latin teacher.

I spent a month of the summer in europe, GET TRUNK DRUNK BITCHES, was with Meeks Wyatt sarah, and pixie for a week, melida you should of stayed for COPEN.. the rest of the time was spent traveling 20 cities in 30 days, running with the bulls in Pamplona, and meeting Lance Armstrong on France. Typical Frosty adventures insued in everycity as you can expect.

Now I work for SHED, a small design build firm in dowtown Seattle. I am one of five in the company so they had no choice in the matter to give me some, a lot, holy shit.... of responsibility. Dont bother Googling us, we dont have a website... we are all contractors and build two or three projects a year, the rest we just design. Got a couple of big ones comming on line soon. Enough of this shit, I need some serrious RED ROOM drinkin or this city will passively agreessivly stir me into thier latte. Anyone with the travel bug is more than welcome to come northward, i am the highest in lattiude in our class. Ill be runnin through T-town for Halloween, I decided to keep the girl, Kira, I began dating when i was there, it will be 6 months oct 25. Hope all is well on the job front..



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