Wednesday, September 28, 2005

gyrating blog

radical rats,
your blogging, in combination with emeril's freakish & discomforting noises on the t(ele)v(ision) and the excrutiatingly slow process of trying to complete sidework after the J-O-B has driven me to drink one of the two remaining brooklyn lagers in the fridge. (this one's for the homies) amazingly, it is beer number 11 of only 12 that has resided in the (re)fridge(rator) of the two-headed chupracabEast. though we are fortunate enough to live down the street from an infamous bohemian beer garden ("oh, isnt there a beer garden in astoria?"), i have been too focused on my 401k, restocking the supply of depends and playing online scrabble (one of which is true).

blog is a word that i will never be comfortable with. naturally, it should have been elog or something but anyways, blog the hell out of em. my best from gotham...


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