Friday, September 30, 2005

Check out what went down by our new place...

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Realism of the experience

Hey, Just a thought......

If we are seeking authenticity on our neo-third floor experience, we should have some mysterious person come around to all of our new cities and steal from us. It just doesn't feel like school without that uncomfortable feeling brought by a lack of security and trust in our surroundings.


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

gyrating blog

radical rats,
your blogging, in combination with emeril's freakish & discomforting noises on the t(ele)v(ision) and the excrutiatingly slow process of trying to complete sidework after the J-O-B has driven me to drink one of the two remaining brooklyn lagers in the fridge. (this one's for the homies) amazingly, it is beer number 11 of only 12 that has resided in the (re)fridge(rator) of the two-headed chupracabEast. though we are fortunate enough to live down the street from an infamous bohemian beer garden ("oh, isnt there a beer garden in astoria?"), i have been too focused on my 401k, restocking the supply of depends and playing online scrabble (one of which is true).

blog is a word that i will never be comfortable with. naturally, it should have been elog or something but anyways, blog the hell out of em. my best from gotham...

Back up in this MuthaF*cker

This blog thing is pretty interesting, but I'm not real sure what to write. So I will bitch and moan about the blackhole y'all formally knew as Tucson. It's hot. By that I mean it is still summer weather hot. So that about sums it up, after school I bought a new car, took a couple of cross country road trips, moved in with an ex-girlfriend (still just roommates), finished the ink on my back, totalled the car (not my fault), and had to much to drink. This is while interning and doing some work on the side. Other than that I'm still here in Tucson, so I hope I made y'all realize how cool it is wherever you are.


the gutter

anyone else missing trumble's scathing libels or uncomfortable non sequiturs? here is some REAL arch criticism, with that authentic "go $&*! yourself"/ i 'heart' ny attitude.

frosty, you will be pleased to see your early studies of the anus have come to built fruition...

Typical SHED client

This guy is the client for our largest project, a 4500 s.f. penthouse on top of a five story building downtown. We are doing all of the floors, including a "speak esay" or private, super secret bar, in the basement.

in the city, city of Compton

a little something to take you back...

Life in Ballard

For those of you I havent contacted in a while, I live in a suburb of Seattle, Ballard. It was started as a small fishing community by scandinavain Vikings. I have two roomates Jeff, 29, physical therapist, and Sara,24 High School Latin teacher.

I spent a month of the summer in europe, GET TRUNK DRUNK BITCHES, was with Meeks Wyatt sarah, and pixie for a week, melida you should of stayed for COPEN.. the rest of the time was spent traveling 20 cities in 30 days, running with the bulls in Pamplona, and meeting Lance Armstrong on France. Typical Frosty adventures insued in everycity as you can expect.

Now I work for SHED, a small design build firm in dowtown Seattle. I am one of five in the company so they had no choice in the matter to give me some, a lot, holy shit.... of responsibility. Dont bother Googling us, we dont have a website... we are all contractors and build two or three projects a year, the rest we just design. Got a couple of big ones comming on line soon. Enough of this shit, I need some serrious RED ROOM drinkin or this city will passively agreessivly stir me into thier latte. Anyone with the travel bug is more than welcome to come northward, i am the highest in lattiude in our class. Ill be runnin through T-town for Halloween, I decided to keep the girl, Kira, I began dating when i was there, it will be 6 months oct 25. Hope all is well on the job front..


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

hidenori sighting

while attending to "site visit on long island" for "seattle's best coffee" a quirky japanese man found his way into the city when i received a call requesting some raw fish wrapped around little balls of vinegar rice. so we met and fishes it was, and clamses, and sea urchinses. which i don't recommend. but when you have have sushi with a world traveled japanese in new york who has recently taken to spear fishing, expect discriminating taste, things you wish you hadn't eaten, and a very large bill. what did i expect? dicso balls, all you can eat for 20 bucks, and pissed of koreans? luckily what ever firm sent him here to "site visit" also picked up the tab. god bless the working world, here's to writing it off.

What the hell have we come to...

I know I asked lots of questions in school and a couple had to do with computer things but what is a god damn blog? We are seriously really lame. I love it. I will have to speak on behalf of the west siders because Kuch and Menudo are working for slave drivers. No joking aside K man was at SOM last night till 12:00 and was worried cuz the BART was gonna stop running. Well that's the latest from couchville CA. We move in to our new place one week from now, but obviously I am not looking forward to that at all. Who needs personal space. By the way you should save that business card Frost, and any photo documentation that you have of the office formerly known as SHED cuz we all know that with the amount of responsibility there giving Frosty, there can only be imminent doom ahead.


Monday, September 26, 2005

as usual, no one is on the third floor

where is everyone. Am I the only one who has properly read the instructions and shown on time? Oh frosty, you studious devil you. Trying to remind us all of the horrible days of a capstone. So how did your project finish up? Doug found a homeless man in new york that had his project (sure you saw the email), and I am sure meeks is currently building his, while I have been slowly collecting rocks from the beaches here so that I can begin to build mine...which will have to become my home because the cost of rent is out frickin rageous.

Welcome back to the third floor!!

In an effort to keep us all in the loop the resounding "chip-i-top" call has gone digital. Welcome to CAPLA05 blog, post all that you will to keep the third floor alive, remember, after us they had to cut Capstone down to a single semester.

Hope all is well with everyone and we are all getting paid what we deserve, Oops i better pick up my latte cup from the floor ill need it for spare change for the bus ride home.